First Chanel Bag

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  1. Hi All,
    I've been following with this site for years. And today I come up with something about chanel bag and I really Hope you guys can help me with my question....So I'm going to purchase my first chanel bag ( so exited )... I've been saving up for this purchase for a long time....And I know that I want a chanel boy bag for sure, I'm still debating between Medium and Small, I wanted to go with chanel boy small at first but I've watched some videos on youtube, and it seems so small to me. What do you ladies think ? medium or small
    1- I've heard people mentioned about New medium ( consider Large now, if I'm right ? ) and Old Medium, so do they come with these sizes now at the boutique stores or did they change the sizes ?
    2-I can't see the price on the website, and most of the bags on the website are the latest or seasonal bags , I want to know where do you check the chanel bags in general ( classis style) as well as the price ?
    3-price compare of the two sizes at this moment
    4-calviar or calf or lamb for the boy style
    Hope you all ladies can help me. Many thanks !!!
  2. I know this will not sound very helpful... However, you saved up for this purchase for a long time - you should know what you want by trying them out in a store!!! especially when it comes to the boy bag style, the difference between the sizes make a big difference on how it "sticks out" against your body (depending on your physique and preference on how you like it to look), the chain length (try both cross body & shoulder carry) on your height and shape, and also there are SO MANY different styles for the boy bag out there right now (seriously recent 2-3 season has so many styles out there!!!) you should totally STUDY the chanel boutique stock thread under the Chanel Shopping area to see what some of your style preferences are. it may also help you decide if you like the look of lambskin vs. caviar or glazed calf, etc material too. There's nothing like touching a Chanel bag to know what you really like when it comes to Chanel lamb vs. caviar. I have not touched any other lambskin leather bag like a Chanel quilted leather bag.

    Highly suggest that you bring the things you use everyday in your handbag (absolutely cannot go without) with you, like lipstick, wallet, phone, etc. to try putting them inside an old medium (now called medium) vs. new medium (now called Large) and try them on you (have someone take a photo of you with both sizes on - it makes a huge difference to see it in a photo of different angles vs. just looking in mirror). Personally, I like old medium size because I like how it looks and I don't carry a lot. I don't like the proportion of how the new medium/large size looks as it feels sort of "off" in the shape to me in that size and stick out too much against my body. I also prefer different leather on the different boy bag styles that they have - some leather type simply go better with the cool/edgy vs. more classic elegant styles so it really should go with your style and personal preference.

    Have fun shopping!!!!
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  3. thanks for your info, I don't live in the state, and in my country where I live, its unlike America or Europe where you can actually come in and ask for help and don't worry about the quality. The display of items here mostly about wallets and accessories . Its hard for me to find out the style as well as the price, and the important thing here is about the black market, it is unbelievable. This time I'm going to buy from the flight attendant, thats the way we all do when it comes to designer brands , the people who works as flight attendant always things back to the country after the trip and sell them with a amount of fees. I just wanted to make sure about the price that I'm going to pay since I'm a newbie of this brand. Anyways, thanks for the reply, it helps alot.
  4. I see, that sure makes shopping difficult!! Maybe the below may help you?
    thought the pricing for boy bags are posted on the Chanel website also (at least the US one).

    For pricing, perhaps try browsing or raise question here:

    size comparison on 5'3" reference on the 2 sizes you asked about

    Lots of styles & photo references:
  5. I truly appreciate it. Thanks again :heart: