First Chanel Bag


Nov 4, 2006
What first Chanel bag should I go for? Something classic. Something discreet; not in the face "CHANEL" all over. I'm kinda sick of LV. Can't find anything at the store that I like anymore.
if you like smaller bags, the classic flap or the reissue is perfect. my reissue was my first chanel! they come in caviar, lambskin and even patent now if you want to kick it up a notch.

if you like totes, alot of people like the grand shopping tote. i myself like the cerf tote as i tend not to like big CC's on my bags.
u MUST get a chanel classic flap then! heh. its classic, and discreet, and sophisticated, and gorgeous, and stylish and... and...... yes you get the idea lol. Caviar if you tend to be "rougher" on your bags, or lambskin if you're going to be VERY protective over it heh!
Thanks, ladies, for the advise. I hope that I can get to a Chanel store now to try the bag but unfortunately, I have to wait a bit longer as there are no Chanel in Perth, Australia!

How much will the classic flap in cavier cost? Are there any pictures around? I kinda like the bowler as well and the pleated on that *jennifer* has.