First Chanel bag!!!!!!!!!

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  1. #1 Sep 28, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 28, 2010
    Hey, I want u guys to suggest me for first chanel bag:smile:

    I don't want too big chanel bag.

    My height is 5"5. and Aroudn 130lb.

    Classic or 2.55?

    Also color? I like black, dark silver, metalic black, or red..terquiouse?

    Idk there are too many kinds!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I also love chanel punk collection...I realy want to get it xxxx Please read our rules!
  2. I think M/L would be suitable for you. I m 5'9 n I bought a jumbo as my first chanel bag. Flap bag is alway timeless and easy to mix and match. I think black in M/L would suit you. You can go either Shw or Ghw. You will never go wrong with either one of them. Lambskin or caviar is a personally preference. If u are going to use it as a party bag then go with the lambskin. It is smooth n classy. If u are going to use it as a everyday bag, then go with the caviar. Cos u don't have to baby it. Either one good luck for your first purchase.(@v@) looking forward to your reveal pic.
  3. I think you need to think if you want reissue or classic flap first... then decide which leather (classic: caviar vs. lamb, reissue: calf, lamb, caviar)... then which color...then hardware color.

    I prefer reissue flap over the classic flap but it's best if you go try them both at the store and see for yourself. I think either m/l classic flap or reissue size 226 flap would work for you. From your color choices, that sounds like reissue colors to me. (I'm 5'2" and 100 lbs.) I think black would be a great first flap bag for you. It's a classic and goes with everything. Both black classic flap or reissue would be a good first flap bag for you.

    I have a black distressed reissue 226 flap w/shw and luv it!!! I can dress it up with a dress when I go out for dinner/clubbing or I can dress it down with t-shirt and jeans. HTH & GL with watever you decide on. ;)