First Chanel bag!

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  1. I just received my first Chanel bag I won on eBay got it for $380 And it’s in amazing condition. It’s a vintage and classic piece! Just wanted to share with you guys my find.
    What do you think??

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  2. Great deal! I love vintage and totes but I personally think the chains are a little too long. Congrats!!!
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  3. Awesome deal! Congratz! Just make sure you get the bag authenticated!
  4. Thanks!!! I’m so excited! I posted I’m the auth thread but I believe it is auth.
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  5. It’s very nice!! May you wear her with happiness for years to come!!
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  6. I posted in the auth thread they said it is auth!!!! Yay I’m so happy
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  7. Congrats!!! What a great buy