**First CHANEL bag purchase**

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  1. Hello! My beautiful Chanel lovers. I would love for you experts to help me in my first CHANEL bag purchase. What would you recommend(*pics please*)..and prices since this is my first!
  2. Perhaps you can give us some insight into your preferences first, or specifically what you would need for your daily lifestyle. There are SO many great Chanel bags, if we don't really have any idea what your needs are, we might recommend that you buy something that doesn't really suit your taste or needs. For example, a classic flap is a GREAT choice for a first Chanel bag -but maybe you need to carry a LOT of stuff, and a tote would be more suitable for you.

    Also, you can look in the reference library -there are many pictures and info from members (including prices) and you can get a better idea there of what you would like. HTH!
  3. Look at our library and see if anything strikes you.
  4. Thanks! lovelies!!
  5. get the classic flap in gold or silver chain( depend on what you alway favor in white or gold jewlery). I got the medium one in lambskin, and i have no regret at all! Good luck in our new journey of Chanel Adiction issue!
  6. tell us a bit more about yourself, hard to make recommendations without any info :yes:
    and yes, browse the reference library, tons of pics there, that might narrow down your search.
  7. I know it can be hard to make a decision, because there are so many bags to choose from. Chanel has wonderful classic and timeless bags, but also a lot of seasonal and colorful editions.

    Just browse through the reference library like the other ladies already suggested and if you see anything you like, let us know.

    Good luck!
  8. Once you see what you like in the reference library you can ask additional questions to decide which bag you love most.