First Chanel Bag....PB or Melrose?...

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  1. I was planning to buy 2 Balenciaga Bags at first, but after hearing about the price increases:hysteric: I thought it would be better if I get at least one Chanel bag before I regret not getting it. I saw the Medallion at $1650 a month ago and now it's about $2150 exceeding my limit...I am definitely purchasing the cc studs (are they still $240) to match my Chanel I just need to decide on which bag....

    Paris Biarritz Tote (medium or large) or Melrose Flap (Jumbo)?? :confused1:

    or something else?? :confused1:

    last options is to go back to my first choice?? :sweatdrop:

    I'm only 16 and I'm planning to spend around $2000 (exclude tax) for the earrings and handbag...After spending this money I still have about $1200 left incase a sale or there's something else I want..hopefully a pink/beige medallion goes on sale later this year cause I'm already preparing..hehe..sorry for the long post..
  2. Without question I'd choose the Melrose flap for myself. I just don't like the Biarritz line for whatever reason. I prefer leather, however, the Melrose has a funky vibe. I wouldn't buy it but I like it quite a bit.
  3. What are some other bags that you would recommend?
  4. Forgive me but my friend has a black Biarritz and looks like a glorified diaper bag. I'd pick a flap over it anytime.

  5. Definitely the Melrose Flap!!!
    IMO, I think that it is a modern designed bag and great looking...

    You can always buy the Medallion later becasue it is a classic and its easier to get your hands on later....

  6. Paris Biarritz!
  7. Melrose Flap ... I really love it!
  8. TOugh choice but i'm a flap person, so will go for Melrose~
  9. melrose flap or your first choice balenciaga.
  10. Melrose Jumbo! Hands down.
  11. Melrose flap!
  12. Melrose Flap soooo pretty!!!
  13. another vote for Melrose!
  14. Paris Biarritz :love:
  15. Melrose