first chanel bag!!! (kind of)

  1. So I finally got my first bag!!!!! I sort of own two flaps that are technically my moms but she has never worn them LOL they were gifts. ANYWAYS... it's a Black Caviar GST with gold hardware shipped from Paris!!!! It was only a little under $700 because my dad's bestie works for Chanel hahaha he is the best :yahoo:

    also i got these sunglasses a long long time ago but didn't post them. they were a gift from my now exbf. :supacool: LOL
    bag1.JPG sunglasses1.jpg bag2.JPG
  2. Fabulose accories,and a GST for less than an LV speedy 30, UUUh, congrats.
  3. So jealous!! It's beautiful and can't beat the price. Congrats!
  4. Awesome!
  5. I love the GST, and what an outrageously great price. Congrats!!!

    P.S. The sunnies are very cute.
  6. [​IMG]



    Congrats, It's a great buy:tup:

    Gorgeous bag and lovely sunnies as i love my GST in silver h/w and it's my everyday bag.....btw, u look FAB on her:love::flowers:
  7. Congratulations!!! Great buy for a great great BAG!!!!
    Looks good on you too.....
  8. Awesome price for a fabulous classic! Cute sunnies too. Congratulations!
  9. Congrats! Look great on you.
  10. Looks great on you :tup: ...btw how did you order things from paris? Any contacts to recommend? TIA ...
  11. i love the bag, it's gorgeous!!
  12. toooooooo fabulous...espec. for that price! congrats!
  13. What a price! Congratulatons!
  14. Lovely tote, congrats!! And wowza for getting discounts~!!
  15. Congrats on your GST. Looks great on you.