First Chanel bag, is this stitching normal for a new bag??

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  1. I just brought my jumbo classic bag home today and wanted to know if the stitching is normal on the chain? I am referring to the part that sticks up? I spoke with the SA who showed me another Jumbo and it was the same, does none know for sure? The. SA told me that I could order another bag but there is no guarantees that it won't be different.

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  2. Yeah I have some that look like that-- looks normal to me!
  3. Yes, that's normal. I took a pic of mine previously and asked the same
    question and everyone agreed that it's normal. Here's a close up of it.
  4. It is indeed perfectly normal. They tuck the ends under the chain when the new piece of leather begins and also at the ends of the straps near the bag.

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  5. Hi. Yes, that does seem normal, as the straps for my Chanel Flap Medium and Jumbo also have a similar look. Enjoy your beautiful bag!