first chanel bag color

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First Chanel Bag color?

  1. Black

  2. Beige

  3. Red/pink

  4. Blue (any, including, navy, royal etc)

  5. Grey

  6. Green

  7. Yellow/Orange

  8. other

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. just curious ...on what color we tend to choose for our first chanel.;)
  2. My first was black, but then I went wild with both different versions of black as well as other colors.
  3. Black.. lol. Black reissue, black classic flap .....
  4. Black...but beige Clair came a close second one month later.
  5. I am afraid of seeing nearly 100% black now on this poll :woot:
  6. Mine was actually a green tweed small Kelly style
  7. I started owning chanel last dec...i now own 3 blacks. Woc, med flap and mini
  8. Black timeless classic with magnetic closure, then red reissue tote, then black gst with shw. Next/wish list purchase: black reissue :smile:
  9. My first was black ghw because I thought it would be my only one. Black goes with everything :smile:
  10. My first was also a black ghw lamb, then quickly followed by black ghw caviar lol
  11. My first was Beige lamb long time ago, now my Chanel bags are mostly black caviar.
  12. I think most ppl pick black so I saw a lot of ladies wearing black whenever I am at a Chanel boutique. But my first is a beige caviar!
  13. My first was a black woc lol. But then I went red! :smile:
  14. Mine was navy then followed by red a week after...then the dominos continue
  15. Black!!!!
    Classic Chanel