First Chanel bag- any ideas?

  1. :nuts: Hey guys! I am usually lurking around the LV sub-forum, but here I am..........

    For one thing, I am 12 (you are probably thinking :wtf: ), and I am trying to save up for a Chanel.....(Please, nothing negative about my age;) )
    I was thinking about a Cambon tote, after seeing bvbirdygirl and her new Chanel!! (Brigette, your bag was INSPIRING!)

    Questions for you guys

    1. Do they still have the Medium sized totes?
    2. Would a Medium tote be a good bag for a 12 year old?
    3. How much would a Medium tote hold?

    Thanks very much guys!!​
  2. help anyone?
  3. hi, i'm sorry but i'm not too familiar with the cambon, maybe u should show some pics on the bags u're eyeing on...
  4. does anybody have pics on how much it holds?
  5. guys, i really need help! :sos:
  6. The cambon totes can be found in the reference thread
  7. 1. they are still floating around, hard to come by.

    2. I dont feel that chanel is appropriate for a 12 year old, but thats my own opinion. However, the size of the it chanel or decent. I have a cousin who is 12 and often wondered what a 12 year old needed to carry around in a bag ha!

    3. it holds a decent amount, probably comparable in holding power to the speedy 25.

    Good luck.
    I believe retail is around 1200-1300$
  8. EDIT: In question #2, I meant the size and bag style, sorry for being carless :shame:
  9. Chanel Boutique in Chicago had some Cambon Totes last weekend - Black with White CC's - I think the larger one would be too big for you but the smaller Tote or the Bowler or Pochette would be good!
    My 19 year old DD has the Bowler and that is the one my 12 year old neice wants also! HTH!!
  10. can anyone plz post pics on how much it holds?
  11. here is a pic of the Bowler I bought my DD

  12. this is the larger Tote I used to have - I think this size would be too big for you, IMO :yes:

  13. ^^ That is cute! I saw the Mini Bowler IRL today, and it was SO adorable, but too small for the price
  14. does anyone have the Medium sized tote?
  15. try doing a forum search and checking the reference library..their are pics and info there.