First Chanel and I'm confused!!!


Feb 3, 2013
New York City
Hi everyone! I've been lurking over here for a while looking at all of the gorgeous bags. I'm usually over in LV, Gucci, and designer shoe threads. I want to buy my first Chanel but I don't know which to get. I'm debating between a vintage double flap 2.55 in black lambskin with gh, a mini square in black lambskin with gh, or a black WOC in black caviar leather with gh.

This will not be an everyday bag. But I do want a bag that I can dress up or wear casually so it has to be multi functional.

Thoughts? Thank you in advance!


I could give up shopping, but I'm not a quitter.
Jun 28, 2015
Do you have a personal preference for gold hardware? or is it because it's what you're "supposed" to get?

I ask that because you obviously seem to have a preference for the classic 2.55 style, and you want it to be both casual and dressed up. In that case, I would think a black M/L size in either lamb or caviar with silver hardware would easily/best fit that description. Alternatively, if you like the reissue style, I find the reissue in size 225 or 226 in distressed calf and the aged gold hardware is less loud/dressy as the regular gold hardware and therefore easily accomplish same objective. Also, current season has the black chevron caviar with silver hardware in M/L size, which would also meet the need.

Personally find the square mini to be more cute and casual looking while the rectangular mini can be dressier.

Good luck deciding!


May 28, 2016
Questions to ask yourself before you decide.
1. How much stuff do you cary on a daily basis (since you want it to also be an everyday bag)? WOC can fit only a few things, mini can fit a bit more than essentials. You didn't mention the size of the 2.55, but given the choices you've listed I would think you're probably consider the smaller size.
2. Do you have issues with scratches or scuffs? The lambskin is gorgeous and supple, but a little bit of a diva. If you get the mini it probably won't be too much of an issue since the smaller bags don't get too beat up. If you get a bigger bag then the 2.55 will be great for everyday use and dress up since the leather is already "broken in".
3. Do you want a crossbody option? The 2.55's can't be worn cross body (at least not the newer ones, don't know about the vintage ones). The mini and WOC can be worn crossbody.

Best advice is to go in and try on all three, on your body and with your stuff inside. Even if it isn't in the color or material you want, at least you can get a gauge of what you think will work for you.