First Chanel Advice -- pls help

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  1. I've finally saved up for a classic flap Chanel always wanted it. At the Paris store the SA said beige is discontinued, which color is classic and most wearable? Black with GH is not on my list since I have a Lady Dior with G/H,
    Saw Navy with S/H , how good is navy ? Also has anyone seen Navy with G//H ?
  2. I would recommend the red with which ever hw is ur preference. But black w/gold is the most classic Chanel combo.
  3. I would still say black with ghw or shw first then red with either hw next
  4. If you already have a LD in black with ghw, how about getting Chanel with shw? If you dont want another black bag, you could always go for a pop of color.
  5. Chanel black with GHW is always a classic bag which will last and will never go out of style.
  6. Black with GHW!!
  7. May be SHW like others suggested? Navy is a nice color but it really depends on what kind of navy. I recently saw a m/l navy flap and didn't like it (very dull looking). May be share a picture of of the one you saw if you took one.
  8. I would wait for Fall Act 1 delivery. There is Beige Caviar GHW Jumbo coming. Next choice would be Red with SH from whats available now.
    I ve seen Navy with GHW few months ago maybe its still in stock right now.