First Celine Purchase... HELP!!

  1. Hello my fellow TPFers! Ok, so I have been eyeing Celines like crazy lately, and I have come to the realization that I NEED one. I need one so bad that I could not even concentrate on my yoga session today. All I thought was.. what color? what size? what style? where would they have it????

    Ok so when a bag is intefering the time where I am supposed to be finding myself in this world, its a huge problem.

    So question.. I am staring at a Celine Luggage Micro or Mini.. Both look fine on my 5'5 125 lb figure.. I gravitate toward black but most of my bags are black or of dark shades. I was thinking of jungle. or dune?

    Opinions? what would you do? also the phantoms are growing on me too. something about the suede ones are sexy to me... I need help : (
  2. lol i totally understand about losing concentration thing
    if you think both size looks fine i think you can be flexible and getting whichever size you can get hold of.
    about colour i say avoid black if you have a lot of them, jungle is a pretty subtle neutral colour
    or there are some nice tricolor in dark tones that's pretty
  3. hmmm tri color might be the way to go.. thanks!
  4. I'm a personal fan of the phantom my SA just sent me some amazing pictures and I was dying over my bags.
  5. Phantoms are gorgeous. They are just fun and comfy and everything... Its just one of those decisions I have to make at the store. Or buy both! haha I wish
  6. Maybe you could go to some stores to see Celine bags in person and see what you fall in love with.
  7. mini is the best size.
  8. colors: both colors are great, but i would pick jungle :biggrin:

    micro vs. mini: i'm about your size and have the mini and the small phantom, i think they're perfect. i find the micro a bit small on me, but it's TOTALLY a matter of preference. i agree with fumi, if you can try on in person it should help!
  9. Thank you all! So I went and tried every single bag I can in all colors. Mini and micro solids are sold out in all colors but they will call me when they are in. I think I am going for a mini in whatever color comes in first. Cant wait to do a reveal, and thank you all again : )
  10. i will go with the mini as my first one! good luck!
  11. Celine bags drives me crazy too..... My boyfriend knows right away when I'm dazing at dinners.

    You should definitely go check it out in person and see what size you like, Celine makes great collection of neutral colors.
  12. Dilemma!! It's not really my first Celine purchase as I already had my black micro.. BUT, should I also go for a nano??
  13. Ah such a dilemma! I have a fluo pink mini & a grey crock embossed phantom & I have to say that I love both! The phantom is actually larger than the mini-the wingspan is larger & the base is wider. I really couldn't pick a favorite if I had to. They're both quite different IMO.

    As far as the colors I would go for something different since most of your bags are dark colored. The minis are so gorgeous with a splash of color. Maybe you could go for the cobalt blue? Not too much color but still gorgeous. I'll post a pic of my mini & phantom together. Maybe it'll help :smile:

  14. I would have to agree. I love jungle! It is the only pebble leather with gold hardware. Love both mini and phantom. Phantom is bigger tho. I would do mini first
  15. Omg😍😍😍 I love the pink. Look absolutely yummy gorgeous.