first celine bag :) Mini Luggage in Vermillon with pics

  1. it is lovely! Gorgeous color!
  2. just got mine too, and Iam loving it :biggrin:
  3. :woohoo: Adore this color, hope I can find one !!!!!!!!!!
  4. it's beautiful!
    Can anyone tell the difference between the Lipstick and the Vermillion color? I own Lipstick and this looks quite the same to me.
  5. Where did you get it from? Just stunning. Congrates!!!
  6. I got this in hong kong, they have a waiting list as well but a lot shorter than most places I think :smile:
  7. beautiful color!
  8. My friend just bought one in HK too. Their waiting list is total BS! She just walked in and complained that nothing is ever available and they showed it to her. She bought it but later wanted to exchange it for trapeze. HK policy only allows exchanges in 14 days (per receipt). But the sales said all luggage bags cannot be exchanged although no such term in writing or ever communicated to her.