First cartier

  1. Help me choose my first cartier watch,I want something classic.
  2. tank francaise? most would consider any Cartier a classic.
  3. I personally like the roadster
  4. I'll be getting one soon (hopefully) and its between the roadster or the mens tank francaise. I like my watches big :smile:
  5. Tank Francaise and the Santos are quite classic, the Roadster more sportier imo. however, i urge you to try on first as you may be surprised which styles suit you best. I was in love with the Tank but once i had it on, it did nothing for me. Ofcourse it may have been the wrong size, the lady sizes look too dainty on me. Either way, have fun, the joy of discovery is almost as exciting as the actual purchase.
  6. I have a Santos, and I love it.
  7. Another vote for Santos!

    I would advise you, whatever style you decide, to get a 2 tone watch so that it matches with anything :smile:
  8. How about La Dona, Santos, Ballon Bleu, Pasha. Those 4 are my top choices. All of them look different on different wrist, plus the kind of metal and diamond or not make a huge difference too. And everyone has different taste, so go ahead and get the one that's in your head first thing when you wake up in the morning. Have fun shopping, I bought mine on an impulse, and am in love ever since.
  9. I have the roadster and the discontinued panthere, I love the roadster because you can change the bands, and it's actually rather easy. It looks like a completely different watch with a leather band.
  10. The tank style is the most classic style in my opinion. But, please, try the watches on before you make your decision. I recently bought-and sold- my first Cartier, a tank francaise. I had wanted one for ages. I love the way it looked, but it hurt my wrist. It just didn't sit right, and I was conscious of my wrist throbbing whenever I wore it. If I had tried it on first I could have saved myself a LOT of trouble.
  11. roadster! i also like la dona, ballon bleu and santos though. bagshopr...ITA! i tried the tank on.. love how it looks on others, but hated it on my wrist. maybe because my bone structure isn't dainty? def go try the styles before you buy!
  12. Tank. I use mine, medium ss w/gold EVERYDAY!
  13. Medium tank Francaise. LOVE mine. Its the only watch I can fall asleep with and not feel it all night too! Very comfortable and sleek.
  14. I recently got my first Cartier,and chose the Santos. I love it!! Like everyone has said, be sure to try them on! I thought I wanted the Roadster, but changed after trying them on a couple times!
  15. does anyone know the prices on all these watches? It doesn't say on the website and I want to have some idea before I go to the store... is there a list anywhere?