First Cartier Pieces - Recommendation & Advice Please


Mar 30, 2009
Bay Area
Hi all!

I'm finally stepping away from bags since I'm happy with my collection, and investing in jewelry pieces.

I have been eyeing the Cartier Ballon Bleu and will most likely buy the watch in store. Since my wrist size is a bit large, 8 inches exact, but prefer wearing looser, would Cartier be able to sell me more links for the watch? Would anyone happen to know how much more it would cost to add links?

I also really like the design of the Love cuff bracelet since I play cello, I wouldn't want it clacking on my instrument. Again, I prefer my bracelets a bit looser, so would Cartier be able to accommodate and do 22 cm? And if they can do 22 cm, would it be additional $100-200? (If not, I feel like I would trend toward the Love bracelet B6026005 since it looks much easier to take on and off.)

Thanks in advance!