First Cartier piece

  1. Just purchased by first Love bracelet. I went with the cuff as I like to take off my jewelry and I heard so many issues with screws. I and hoping to get another soon so I can stack. Any issues people had with cuffs? I got a 17 and it’s roomy and not too tight.
    55EF13F4-BB6A-48F5-B45C-27EBD5BE5404.jpeg 594E225A-9317-457F-ABD5-EB8B7CA8AC8A.jpeg DE5A7B10-C5AB-4FE6-943B-3C0B455F2AC9.jpeg 373109F9-2A47-453C-AADB-4448707B6689.jpeg
  2. Your new Love cuff is beautiful. I keep thinking about buying the cuff since my Love bangle was lost after the screws loosened and my bracelet was lost. I’m still on the fence but every time I see photos of the cuff I like it more and more.
  3. It’s beautiful enjoy wearing it!
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  4. Perfectly beautiful and excellent choice. It was my first Cartier purchase as well.
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  5. Thank you for sharing. So beautiful! I hope to buy one this year also.
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  6. It’s beautiful! I’ve had my cuff for a little over two years, very comfortable and no issues at all.
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  7. So sorry to hear you lost your bracelet. Hope you get a new one soon.
  8. Congrats! I just purchased the gold cuff as my first Cartier piece as well. I love it.
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  9. Congratulations! I hope it brings you a lot of joy hen you wear it :smile:
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