First BV!!!

  1. hi all! just got back from BV at both taka and paragon in singapore:love:! the sale was limited... picked up a green (sorry not sure of the actual colour names) woven key ring for SGD175 and.. just as i was there they were unpacking the new resort (?) collection! my mum got an electric blue montaigne which is a BV first for her!.. that retailed for SGD 3690. will post pics soon! :yahoo::yahoo:
  2. Congrats! Might the green be Regent? And the Resort/Cruise blue would be Oceano. Come on, we need those pics! :lol:
  3. valerieteo- both sound great. hope you both enjoy your new bv.
  4. Congratulations!! Can't wait for the pics!!
  5. Yes, I saw that @ the store too! I saw red, blue, yellow..the red is really hot!!
  6. sorry!! i took photos but i havent loaded them yet!! will in a short time!! yeah! the cherry red or something.. it was really nice!! but my mum prefers the blue since she doesnt have any..
  7. woo hoo! Looking forward to pics! By chance, were you @ the paragon store? Cuz when I arrived, the new collection were sorta stacked on the shelves...
  8. :love:ok ladies.. without further ado... ocean?? montaigne! no pics of the key ring yet.. but its a past season colour.. first two pics with flash.. second two without.. think the third picture captures the truest colour of the bag! its so beautiful! enjoy..
    DSC00976.JPG DSC00977.JPG DSC00979.JPG DSC00980.JPG
  9. yup! went to both at taka and paragon.. ended up going to BV 4 times today.. ack.. cuz they were unpacking the new collection! but all the SA's were really nice..

    sorry the second pic is the truest to the colour..
  10. Ooh! Gorgeous!! But the color looks really different with and w/o flash! Excellent choice!
  11. Absolutely the most gorgeous coloured BV! Did you see this colour in the veneta or campana???? I love blue bags! Many congrats on your key ring as well!
  12. The colour difference is interesting. I believe the blue has some grey undertones which results in it looking greyish in some of the pics. I suspect the colour is hard to capture truly in photos.
  13. yeah the colour is really difficult to capture! plus my mums room uses yellow lighting.. so that is another factor as well.. but its a truly beautiful colour and i dont even like blue bags!

    syma: they have the veneta in the small and medium (??) sizes if im not wrong.. in this shade of blue..

    they also have mustard yellow.. as the SA described.. cherry red which is gorgeous! it is lighter and slightly more pinkish compared to the classic red.. and a pure white.. these are the new stocks that came in today..

    and a cabat which is multi coloured and some other canvas bags with woven handles in blue/white and brown/black
  14. Beautiful Montaigne, valerieteo! And congrats on your key ring.... would love to see that multicoloured cabat in person....
  15. thx! actually it wasn't that great in person.. the colours were great.. all the new season colours.. but the leather was really stiff and hard.. it felt like a woven basket.. not like lambskin BV leather at all..