First BV...What to do???

  1. So after lurking and lurking I am finally posting...I need help. I am hoping to purchase my first BV. I love the classic good looks, craftsmanship and appreciate the modern styling. I need a bag for day (work, kid, etc). One that will be timeless and I could use for a couple of years. My problem is which one.

    A little background...I am 5'11. So I can wear a large bag comfortably. I am not a serial bag buyer. I own one "nice" bag (LV epi/sm. box style-don't know the name ) and my "baby" bag is from Cole Haan. My DH doesn't get the whole bag-thing and squauks at the large price tag. With that said. I think the hand-craftsmanship and quality leather warrants the $$$ so I am determined to get one.

    I think I narrowed it down to either the large veneta or large campana. Now one of my problems is I :heart:the ferro color. And from what I understand the campana doesn't come in ferro. Can a bag be special ordered in a color it wasn't released in and if so is there a big markup? I also like the carmino, ebano and nero colors, but I swoon over ferro. Do you think ferro will stand the test of time or should I stick with brn or blk?

    I love the 2-handle ease of the campana, but the price difference is significant and may be a deal breaker for my DH. What's a girl to do? HELP!
  2. My everyday, workhorse bag is my medium campana in limo. It carries a ton, and stands up to everyday wear. For your height, the large campana would look stunning and hold most of your life minus the kitchen sink! As for color, the classic ebano is perfect if you are getting just one bag to last you awhile. Either in veneta or campana it's perfect! I too love the ferro color; I think it is neutral enough to look good through many seasons but still has a little sparkle to give it some interest. If you want it in either veneta or campana it will be a special order. I believe maximum markup is 30% above retail; to me that would be a major deal breaker if you are comparing it to the large veneta in an off the shelf color.

    Oh yes, welcome to the BV forum!! We will do our best to help you find the bag of your dreams! And beware, this place is dangerous if you are on a purse ban!
  3. Welcome! I also recommend the large veneta or campana in ebano if you are looking for a classic, versatile bag. The ferro is stunning but you'd have to pay a 30% markup like OB said and that may be a deal breaker. Definitely check out the bags in person at a store and try them on. Let us know what you decide! :tup:
  4. Hi H-Less (I can relate to that, for now), welcome to the BV world. I see you have shortlisted 2 classic choices, Veneta and Campana. Since you prefer the larger size, and seeing that you would use if for work (though not sure how formal is your workplace), I would suggest the Campana as its just that bit less casual than the large Veneta. And like you so rightfully pointed out, the 2 handles are a breeze, most esp when you have kids, and you need to get in/out of the bag easily.

    Now, colour. I would recommend Ebano. Firstly, it shows of the intrecciato (weaving) excellently. And secondly, this is a luscious dark brown you'll not find anywhere. Finally, IMO, the speical order of Ferro is a steep and the entire look might not turn out to be how you'd like it to be (somehow with SO you'd never know).

    So, a large Campana in Ebano - a classic that you'd wear all year through, for ages to come.
  5. i also love the large campana and have it in nero. i just love certain bags in certain colors and i love the campana in the black. believe me i also love ebano so you can't go wrong with either color.
    i don't have a veneta but it seems like it may be more difficult to get into. the campana does not have a zipper but i feel it is totally secure. hope this helps.
  6. I don't think that you can go wrong with either of these classic styles. I have a hang-up about bags having secure closure at the top, so I love my veneta. I don't find it hard to get in and out of and it is really comfortable on my shoulder. I also find that many bags with double straps slip off the shoulder more. I haven't tested the campana for this though. I personally wouldn't want to pay the 30% markup and wait for a custom bag. If you love ferro, I don't think that you can go wrong with a veneta, but if you want a campana, ebano is a truly stunning color as others have said.
  7. Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful responses. I think you have all convinced me that the SO bag in ferro isn't prudent. Maybe a wallet down the road:idea:.

    So I think Nero or Ebano and I think I am leaning toward ebano only b/c it seems to be more unique to BV. I need to head down to the boutique and check it out in person.

    FYI my office environment is pretty casual so that doesn't come into play much. I just want to make sure that whatever I get it's a keeper for a while b/c DH gets cranky when it comes to spending the $$$. :lecture:

    I think part of the reason I am obsessing so much about this is I have been a SAHM for SOOOOO long and this is my big return to work and I want to look snazzy :queen:
    Thanks again for all of your advice. You are all so sweet :heart:.
  8. Welcome to the BV subforum! You have superb taste in BV. Of course IMO you can't go wrong with any of the styles. If "SF" means San Francisco, have you been to the BV store there to see the styles and colors? I would have to love a special order bag so much to justify the 30% surcharge, that I can't even imagine what it would be. If it's going to be one BV for you I would seriously consider the large Veneta in Ebano. Strictly my personal opinion, but to me the Ebano shows the nappa woven leather the best.

    Either style is timeless.
  9. Boxermom- SF does refer to San Francisco. I am :shame: to say I haven't been in yet. I tried to go a few weekends ago...But I didn't realize that it is closed on Sundays :crybaby:. Let me ask you a question...Do you find it difficult to get in and out of the veneta since it only has one handle?
  10. I don't own a large veneta, but when I tried it on at Saks, even without any slouchiness, I could get my hand in the opening easily. I imagine when it slouches with use, it would hang lower and be even easier to get into. I will admit, though I love my campana, if I don't lay the handles on top of each other on my shoulder, they do tend to slip off. That's the only drawback to this bag.

    As far as an SO, if you have seen ferro on a bag and love the color IRL, you should totally go for it, but like ms piggy said, sometimes a special order doesn't come out exactly like you envisioned; that's a lot of money to pay for a bag and color you have never seen together. If you have not tried on the sloane or roma, I would strongly suggest it since those both come in ferro without SO and you might find you like one of those as much as the veneta or campana. Sorry, I don't think I really helped you out much, just muddied the waterswith extra choices! But this is how my mind works when I'm stalking a BV bag!
  11. I agree with ouija board, definitely try the sloane. It's similar to the large veneta in size and the ferro is gorgeous! I think the color is quite classic and won't go out of style. I mean it's really a dark gray, and that will always be a good neutral.

    I have an large ebano veneta that I adore. I got it in June and it just keeps getting more and more deliciously broken in. Like you, I'm also 5'11, and I will tell you that on me the large is more like a medium size bag for me. For us, I think the maxi veneta would be more like a large to most people. That said, the maxi is hugely expensive and I'm very satisfied with the large. It fits on the shoulder really comfortably and holds quite a bit. Actually, it's really lightweight (while substantial) and is the most comfortable bag I've ever worn. I :heart: it!
  12. Remember if the San Francisco BV store is closed you can hop across the street to Neiman's, they have large Venetas in many colors there now.