First BV Bag, the flap shoulder bag

  1. It was on sale in Barney's for $935, orginal price $1980. They had black, chocolate brown and camel, and I picked the chocolate brown one. I am so happy!
  2. WOW!! What a great deal! Congrats on your new BV!
  3. Congrats. Please post pics. =)
  4. Wow! Fantastic deal, pics pls!
  5. congrats! ;)
  6. Nice bag and excellent price too! Congrats!
  7. Nice bag and welcome to the BV club!!
  8. Really pretty bag! I like it a lot!
  9. Ackkk! I paid full price for mine about 2 yrs ago!

    Seriously, congrats on the great deal on a great bag!
  10. Congratulations, welcome to the BV family and what a super deal!!!!:yahoo:
  11. Wow.... you did get a fabulous deal on this one... I've been eyeing one in this design too (amongst many others!)... sigh, one just can't get enough of BVs.

    Congratulations nevetheless.....

    BTW, how about some action pics.... we see a lot of Venetas, Campanas and Balls, but I've yet to see one modelling the Flap Bag.... do us this favour and post a pic, OK?

  12. Congrats NYCBV - first BV and at a steal!! Yes, please post action piccies!