First BV bag... Purple or Pink???


If you were to get a Veneta / Ball Bag, which color would you choose?

  1. Quarzo (Dark Pink)

  2. Parma (Purple)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hey gurls~:smile:

    I've never owned a BV before, but had always wanted one...
    I can't decide if i should get a veneta/ball in
    Quarzo (deep pink) or Parma (Purple)??

    I tend to wear a lot of blacks, and had always mostly owned black bags, mostly bcoz of its durability and low maintenance... both pink and purple i like, coz its feminine... but i cant decide...
    which one of these 2 colors would look better against black outfits?

    are these 2 colors high maintenance? should there be chances of color transfers from clothes? how does it stand rain/snow?

    let me know what you think~

    your suggestions appreciated :flowers: Many thanks
  2. i should ask more specifically...

    Veneta Hobo in Quarzo, Dark Pink
    Ball in Parma, Purple

    thanks again
  3. My choice will be Veneta Hobo in Quarzo, Dark Pink....:smile:
  4. I would also chose the veneta in quarzo.
  5. I picked ball in parma (in the poll) because I love parma! A parma veneta would be perfect :heart:
  6. Of the two colors I prefer quarzo, but I like pinks over purples. It's a nice pop of color against a black outfit, but not too shocking pink.
  7. the parma, I'm just not a pink person, wish I had a better reason.
  8. I'd pick the Parma Ball bag, if the Veneta is the medium size. Both styles sit well on the shoulder but I'm too large to fit the medium Veneta on my shoulder. If the Veneta is the large size, I'd get the Quarzo Veneta. If you are petite or very small-bones, size of the Veneta isn't a problem for you.

    So for me, the size of each would be the deciding factor. I love both colors.
  9. I voted for the parma, as I love purple:p. I remember seeing a lovely parma ball bag on eBay a little while ago and was so tempted. Both colours would pop up nicely with black outfits, though. Good luck choosing!!
  10. I would say it depends on which colour is best suited to your skin tone, wardrobe colours as well as needs. I find the Quarzo fits me better than the Parma in terms of colouring. Having said that I find the Veneta more chic and slightly more formal but the colour of Quarzo more casual. It's vice versa with the Ball, which I find the shape casual but Parma is prob more serious compared to Quarzo. Hope I'm not confusing you, lol. Both are equally gorgeous, so do you want a louder pop of colour or a more tone down one. Do a search in this sub-form, I recall photos of the 2 bags in these colours being posted. Good luck and have fun deciding!
  11. ms piggy:
    thx for your wonderful advice~
    i guess the quarzo would a louder pop while parma is more toned down?

    i dunno which color would suit me better, coz i've never seen these 2 colors IRL...
    i'm more a pink person than a purple, but i dont own any bags in pinks nor purples... i tend to buy more reds...

  12. boxermom:
    thanks!!! the quarzo veneta is large...
    i'm petite and small boned... and i'm into big hobo bags...
    so i guess the veneta would be more for me?
    i've never tried on / seen IRL the ball..
    but i've tried on large veneta and loves it (but it was in black/brown)
    tough choice... thanks again for your help!!!:flowers:

  13. Celia Hish, Tibu, Mid, ms Piggy, boxermom, ouija board, Mundobabolsa, Mystiletto - Thank you very much for your help!!!

    i'll be sure to let you gurls know what i've decided!~!!