First BV any suggestions...

  1. my friend saw my BV, and she wants one too.

    she asked me for suggestions, but I am not sure...

    Nothing too small, probably something she can hand carry and on her shoulder.
    Any suggestions. :confused1:
  2. The veneta! A timeless classic and as light as a feather. Once you have this bag you can't go back to anything else.
  3. Do you have any pics?

    or where can I find pics? I am new to BV, so I am constantly asking questions.
  4. babyshingo, welcome to the BV board. Why not try the sticky threads at the top of the main page and look through the BV Collections and BV in Action threads? You should be able to find many styles there. You could also check out BV official website for its classic/iconic and seasonal designs.
  5. I think the medium veneta, montaigne or the Sloane look nice when they are hand carried or on the shoulder.
  6. Thanks. ms piggy.

    I'll take a look