First BV - a cocker???

  1. I think I've decided on my first BV bag. The cocker - now, black or brown? I'm fair, blonde hair, wear lots of blue, pink, purple, red, green....

    good choice? or should I get the basic woven hobo???
  2. So different, those two. I like the ease of having a longer shoulder strap. The woven veneta hobo gets softer and stretches with time, making it easy to wear, IMO.
    I think that with the colors that you like to wear, a black bag might be a better choice. They are both "icons", classic bags. The woven hobo seems like it would be more versatile.
  3. As you can see from the avatar, I have all three. The cocker, woven hobo and ball bag. Out of all three, I like the cocker the best for everyday use. I can be used to dress up or down. It's so comfortable and I admire the luxurious thick supple calf leather on the non-woven portion. The leather seems like it's very durable too. I love how it slouches and the feeling of holding onto the braided handle. It's more comfortable to get in and out of b/c of the magnetic flap top. It fits just as much as the other three b/c of its width, and just love the 2 extra pockets on the side for easy cell phone, compact access. I would get the dark chocolate color as it looks very rich and luxurious. I saw a lady carry one and it looked so nice. Black is nice too, but you can't really appreciate and leather and the details of the bag on a black color as much as the brown.

    The drop on the bag once you have things in it is more than you'd think. I can comfortably wear it over my shoulders, and just tuck it back a bit. It fits fine w/a wool coat on. HTH!

    If I had to do it all over again, I would get the cocker 1st, then the hobo, then the ball bag.
  4. thank you bella. I like the ease of the outside pockets as well. That, and the braided handle are what pretty much decided it for me. I live in the midwest and wear a black winter coat a LOT. Do you still think brown is best? thanks again!
  5. I would prefer the classic woven hobo bag, so iconic. Both black and brown are nice and both colours go with most colours of clothing. However, if you want to play it a bit safer, go for black.
  6. i'd say brown veneta hobo. brown looks great with pretty much everything, black with bright colours can look cheap. and the veneta is really nice to carry too.
  7. With the bright colors you tend to wear, I'd choose a black bag.

    Its the outside pockets, and the organizational capabilities which make me recommend the Cocker over the Veneta.

    Veneta is more comfy - but it is far easier to loose things in it
  8. What color of bags do you already have? Then buy the color that you currently you don't have. That's how I ended up getting the black cervo cocker. :smile:
  9. I prefer BV's weaved bags in ebano over black cos I think the weave shows up better. But taking into consideration your regular wardrobe colours, I'm thinking black would be a better option.

    Have yet to decide between a Veneta and a Ball so I'm really the wrong person to ask. G'luck with the tough tough choice! :p
  10. This is what I would ask before making a suggestion. A couple advantages of the Cocker: I love BV's magnetic closures and I have another BV bag with the braided handle and there's just something about it that makes me want to carry it! It's really special. :love: The woven Veneta is the icon, but the Cocker has a lot going for it, too. You can't go wrong with either one.
  11. The Cocker is made of cervo which is deer skin. It is supposed to be more durable and hardy, yet still supple and soft to touch. If you are hard on your bags, this might be a better choice than the Veneta (weave hobo).

    My first BV was the medium Veneta in Limo (soft gray). Have been also eyeing the dusty pink one and seeing Bella's has made want it even more! :love: The colour is so sweet and chic. I do like the brown one too - ITA with Bella - it's so rich the colour. And I also feel it would stretch further in terms of usage as it would go with lots. Now I am torn. Dusty pink or rich brown (I have neither colour bags)? :wondering
  12. thanks guys. this is such a tough decision. I don't have either a solid black bag or a chocolate brown. I have brighter bags - spearmint MJ, light gray MJ, marine Bbag, and then 2 grysons - smoke w/ dark brown trim and camel w/ brown trim. The smoke bag I use as my black. Gah, I can't decide!!!! I think I would be kind of hard on this bag, so I think the cocker is the way to go. Most people I've been asking have recommended the brown since it's a "weave" but my gut is telling me black. But the brown is nice too....
  13. i say go with the brown for the cocker. it's such a gorgeous deep color and i think that the details on the bag show up more in this color.
  14. I say get the cocker in brown. It's gorgeous!
  15. I think the brown will be better for the Cocker also. Lots of depth.