First but probably not last !

  1. Hello everyone I have been lurking for ages reading all the posts and I have learned a lot from all of you , thank you.I think though I seem to have caught Hermes addictionitis.I eventually picked up the courage to go to Hermes in Manchester.I was really nervous thinking they might laugh at me I went in with my husband and my 3 year old son even my DH was nervous but we needn't have worried the SAs were wonderful. My lovely other half bought me a gorgeous cyclamen Evelyne I am in love . They even gave us champagne and my little boy got fruit juice. I cannot praise them highly enough they were great and they made us feel really special.So was one orange box enough NO within 48 hours I had telephoned them and ordered a twilly ! when will it stop or will it .
    evelyne.jpg It is hard to capture the colour there are more pinky tones in it and it goes with more than I thought just beautiful.Hope this post hasn't been too long winded.Take care .
  2. congratulation on your lovely purchase :flowers:

    i know how you feel.. when i got my first hermes bag (gold 32cm kelly) i was :yahoo: and :wlae: all day long lol
  3. georgiagirl, welcome to the forum! Lovely to have you here, and thanks for sharing pics of the Evelyne!!! I LOVE that color.

    Hope you will continue to post and participate here!
  4. Enjoy your gorgeous Evelyn!! It is beautiful!!:yahoo:
  5. Congrats! I love your Evelyn colour!
  6. Beautiful Evelyne! Congrats! Plus, it's *such* a useful bag... you can dress it up or down. I can't really see the colours of the twilly, but is it to tie on your bag? Have you tried using it to create a shorter strap? Fun!
  7. YAY for you! thank you for such a nice post. beautiful bag AND a beautiful experience.
  8. Welcome and congrats! I myself just got a zip wallet in the cyclamen and the color is stunning to say the least - enjoy!
  9. LOVE IT!!! And guess're right, it won't stop..........!!!!! Welcome to the Club!
  10. Congratulations!!! Your Evelyn is just beautiful!!! I just love cyclamen- wear it in the best of health!
  11. Thanks everyone for the welcome and your comments.
    I will take another picture of the twilly later I think it is called 24 Faubourg in black.I have tied it on the bag but haven't tried it as a strap yet will give it a go.:flowers:
  12. Great story!!! I am so glad you are happy...that is what itis all about!!!

    Welcome to the foruma nd have fun...we are glad you are here.

    Beautiful color...I LOVE COLOR!!!
  13. Ahhh - GORGEOUS! In case everyone doesn't know by now, I just LOVE cyclamen!! :nuts:

    What kind of leather is that beautiful Evelyn???

    Welcome to the forum! :flowers:
  14. Congratulations and that is such a nice story with the SAs and champagne! Enjoy your bag!
  15. Your bag is so beautiful. I really need to get something in that color. Congratulations!!
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