First Burberry Trench

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  1. I'm so happy to have this coat. I have wanted one for some time and finally took the plunge. It looks great and the fit s wonderful. It is a nice pop of color for the fall and spring and of course a scarf had to come home with it.
    . b_coat front.jpg b_coat n scarf.jpg
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  2. It's gorg
  3. I love all of this!!!
  4. The color is great, first time I have ever wanted fall to come so I can wear something. I'm pretty sure one of their wool scarves is in my future too.
  5. I love the color
  6. It's so pretty! I'm also looking for a red coat this winter :smile:
  7. TDF! I need a burb scarf this xmas!
  8. Nice! Mine's very similar to yours, but with a detachable hood!
  9. Nice combo. Enjoy your purchase. :smile: