First Burberry Pics!!

  1. Hi everyone. Sorry it has taken me so long to post pics of my wife's first Burberry goodies.

    So it turns out there is a Burberry store about 15-20 minutes from where I live. Something I never knew.
    By chance I looked up to see if there was something near me and sure enough there was, Northbrook Court.

    I tell you, shopping for her was fun. I'm actually embarassed to admit this but I wanted to buy more. I'm sure I'll be back before year end to buy another item or two.

    So the gifts are for Mother's Day and Mother's Day seems so far away. I can't wait to give her the presents.

    Again, thanks to all for your support and help.

  2. Very nice. I'm sure she'll be thrilled. :smile:
  3. Lovely gifts, and I love the box and shopping bag too!
  4. Excellent Choices!!
  5. Very cute-congrats!
  6. Finally! I have been waiting to see what you bought! :p

    Those are gorgeous! :nuts:

    Great choices! :yes:

    Ya gotta love a man who gets bitten by the Burberry shopping bug! :graucho:
  7. They're adorable- congrats!
  8. Very very nice :smile: You did a great job! I'm sure your wife will be thrilled!
  9. Great set.!
  10. congrats, lovely set.
  11. That is so sweet of you!! Your wife will surely love these beauties. Congratulations!!
  12. Hi everyone. Well, Mother's Day is two days away it is just eating me up inside that I have to keep waiting before I can give her the gifts.

    For those that have kept up with my posts, I'm sure you know that the sling I bought her was because it is the same style as the purse she currently owns. I wanted a slightly bigger purse but I couldn't find the purse I wanted in Nova Check.

    So my wife shows me a picture of a purse she wants the other day. I would have never ever guessed that style for her. Now I'm in a pickle I think. If she doesn't want the sling because of the size, I'm going to take her to the Burberry store and have her look at someting else.

    I really like this purse for her if we have to go back and exchange for something bigger.

  13. congrats!!
  14. You are like the sweetest thing. I'm sure she will be happy with whatever! You really put a lot of thought and time into this gift for her. I hope you show her your posts here on tPF! She'll really appreciate you!
  15. adorable set, congrats.