First burberry jacket

  1. Hi i just wanted to share my first ever Burberry jacket, I got it a few months ago. Im a guy btw, its a great jacket I love it a lot.
  2. nice jacket, always wanted a burberry jacket but I never got a chance to purchase one yet, maybe in the future, congrats on your jacket 8)
  3. Nice!!!! Want to purchase one for Burberry like that one too!!
  4. very nice coat. congrats!
  5. That is very classy! Congrats!
  6. LOVE this jacket!! Great choice :heart:
  7. Thanks everyone you guys are so sweet :smile:
  8. congrats! would love to see some photos of you wearing the coat
  9. Is that classic or seasonal? How much is the price if you dont mind me asking?

    The jacket is great. I'm looking a gift for my hubby :smile:
  10. I am not sure sorry.. and it was only 150 plus tax. I found it at a Burberry outlet. I'm guessing seasonal since it was on sale, and thanks good luck on your search for a present for your hubby :smile:))