First Brikin offered - 35cm Natural/Togo. Please help:)

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  1. Hello! I am very excited to announce that I was just contacted by my SA about a 35cm Birkin in color Natural with Togo leather (my virgin Birkin!:graucho:). I consider myself lucky because I only met this SA twice and made a not-so-big purchase from her last visit (a 90cm scarf and a twilly). I think she has really good impression on us since DH went in to inquire about Birkins by himself about a month ago as a surprise present for me. The SA later told me that she thought DH was nice and sweet therefore she took down his request and contact info.

    Anyhow, so I am offered this Birkin. To be honest I am not super thrilled as I was hoping more of a vibrant color. But since I haven't seen Natural/Togo combo IRL, I decided to do my homework to research online only to find very little about this combo. The SA told me this is H's classic but they haven't had this color for a long time and it just recently came back. I am going in to feel this bag in person but in the meantime would appreciate any input on this combo. Thank you :biggrin:
  2. Did your SA say what color is the hardware? Can't go wrong with a neutral color. My first bag was gold with PHW. Best to see it in person, you'll know right away if you're in love. G'luck deciding!

  3. Yes it's gold hardware. Totally forgot to mention lol Just curious, is Natural some what hard to find nowadays?

    Everyday is a blessing. Live it like it's the last!
  4. Every collection needs a natural, and the gold hardware will make the color more vibrant. It would be a perfect start for your collection.

  5. +1
    you can consider starting your collection with a neutral and getting a brighter one as your second, if you are planning on getting another one in the future.
  6. It might be worth asking yourself whether when you see the bag your heart is pitter pattering due to the bag or the fact that you are now "in the club of SA offered me a birkin, and i can't believe it?" personally i love neutrals, but for you it could be an expensive lesson if you think your heart wants something else.

    now that your SA has offered you the neutral birkin, you can use it as an opening to ask for what you really want. you don't have to take this one... remember, they work to make you happy, not the other way around!

    good luck with the decision and isn't it great to have this luxury!
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  8. It would be a great bag for first B. You can always add some colorful twilly's or tie a color scarf on it to add some vibrant feel to it.
  9. i would pass, i was basically in the same situation. wanted a bright bag, bought a neutral one because it was the one i was offered (and i live out of state so it's not like i could come in often and look at other bags). i ended up selling the bag pretty quick as i was not in love with the bag (and that's far too much to spend to not love it). i tried dressing it up with charms/twillies, and it still wasn't working. the good thing was (or bad as luck would have it since i had to scramble to the get money), i found my dream bag on ebay. but maybe you will love it in person plus you live near a store. don't feel bad about turning it down if you aren't in love.
  10. Turn it down if you don't love it...But bright colors are rare to come by so might be a wait...
  11. View it irl to see if you love it! If you don't, tell the SA you prefer brighter colors, hopefully she can get one for you later, maybe a long wait. Personally, what you are being offered sounds gorgeous cos I prefer neutral bags.
  12. So true! I was all sucked into the hype of oh-my-I-am-being-offered-a-birkin and forgot about I am actually the consumer in the picture. I will go in with an open mind to see if this bag sings to me. I just found out that the color Natural is pretty close to the color of my Kelly - Biscuit. So that's another reason to not get it since it's too similar to a bag I already own. However, I will still go in to feel it and personally thank my SA for thinking of me. would be a hassle to resell it I guess (even tho I see so many Ebay sellers mark up from several hundreds to 10k on a Birkin). Hopefully you didn't lose money on this one and congrats on finding your dream bag! Would you mind letting me know what color it is?

    I know......and I wonder if one has to purchase a lot before being offered popular colors..

    Yes I am going in tomorrow to check it out. We will see!!:cool:
  13. I know......and I wonder if one has to purchase a lot before being offered popular colors..

    Yes I am going in tomorrow to check it out. We will see!!:cool:[/QUOTE]

    Not sure, I am a newbie myself. I got offered B in etoupe and K in raisin and turned both down since I am looking for either black or bright color. So will see how long the wait is! Good luck with your decision!
  14. Natural +GHW is a winner IMO. Then again it's very individual so it's really on you if you enjoy a neautral/tan sort of colour.
  15. You sound sensible and grounded so keep your head and do what your heart says. With Kelly in biscuit, you probably should wait if this is your first Birkin. Good luck with a great problem to have (even if it doesn't feel like it right now).