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  1. Ok, so I've been going all over the place with purse options for the spring. I was REALLY into the B Bag--pre-ordered with eluxury for the shoulder version and am on my local NM's waiting list... Then I saw a green IF that was really pretty. Then I looked at the antique white MJ Stella...

    Well, then I started really rethinking things... I decided that I REALLY like the BV ball bag--but then what color? I LOVE how "noce" looks on the BV website, but I found out today that the "walnut," "hazelnut," and "tan" that's referenced on saks and NM's websites are noce--it's just a tan that didn't do too much for me. I don't need any more black. White is beautiful--but not very practical... And I already have a red bag. Chocolate brown is nice, but I wasn't in LOVE.

    Then I saw that NM had dark orange online!!!! I know that the color went on sale elsewhere, but it wasn't going on sale on line... The NM customer service person told me that there were less than 3 left and they share their inventory with Bergdorf! So I gave in--I ordered the dark orange ball bag--I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited. I can't wait until it arrives. Sorry about all the blabbing--but I think I'm just so excited, especially since I think I bought the last one since it's now off NM and BG's websites!

    Does anyone have this purse? I'm curious if it has a zipper or not... NM said it was an "open" hobo, but BV's salesperson did not recall there being a ball bag without a zipper. I'm crossing my fingers for a zipper!
  2. First of all, YOU MADE THE BEST CHOICE!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! I was going to get the very one you bought but opted for the Hazelnut! The bag is divided into 3 compartments. The middle is a Zipper closure inbetween the 2 other compartments. The zipper compartment is attached to the front and back in the center...I don't know if I expressed this well but look at my pictures!I think alot of members have already seen these but it may help you. BTW, everyone I know that owns this bag says the same thing: "When it is worn...the way it falls, is the best BV bag I ever had!" CONGRATS!YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY!!!!:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

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  3. THANK YOU STAR!!! You've been lots of help and a bit of an influence on my decision. I saw the ball bag tonight at my local Nordy's--so your description totally makes sense about the compartments.

    NM described it as an "open top" hobo--so I'm worried that it doesn't have a zipper. They use the same description for the white one too. But then the hazelnut one says "zipper top." Unfortunately their customer service has no info on these sorts of questions.

    I'm so excited about my order--I can't wait! I wear a lot of dark colors, so I love getting purses with color--so orange was for me. Definitely cancelling my eluxury b bag pre-order, just not sure whether I should stay on the NM waiting list... Thinking maybe if they call me and they have the small satchel in the tan/black combo--maybe it's a sign?!?!
  4. I wish that I could have this bag in all of the colors, I love it so much. The orange may be the nicest you know. I saw that color in may, it was 2DIE4! The only reason I chose hazelnut over orange is because I just got the whiskey paddy and will be getting the honey wisteria spy - both very orange in hue. So, I LOVE your choice truly!!!! PLEASE POST PICS!!!:love: :love: :love:
  5. I have yet to figure out the photobucket thing. I'll definitely have to work on it. I have pics of my collection, but never got them up! I'll definitely share the photos after all your input Star!