First Bottega Veneta- which color?!

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Which color for my first BV?

  1. Teal

    6 vote(s)
  2. Indigo

    16 vote(s)
  1. Hi Ladies,
    After some serious perusing in this forum, I am ready to take the plunge for my first Bottega Veneta!! I have decided on a large Veneta hobo, but am completely stuck on the color. Background - I have plenty of brown/tan/camel/black purses, so would like to use this purchase to also add some color to my "handbag wardrobe". I do own one navy Chanel Reissue as well. These are the two colors I am trying to decide between - I love love love the teal (it's my favorite color in fact), but worry that I won't get enough use out of it because it is such a strong color, maybe too hard to coordinate with a variety of outfits? I love the indigo/navy color as well, and think it would go with pretty much anything and especially with jeans so was thinking I might get more use out of the blue one? ... I am completely stuck!! Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!! Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 10.36.12 AM.png Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 10.35.56 AM.png
  2. I will go for the indigo as it is much easier to wear with different attire. I have purchased brighter colors in the past and the mileage is much lower than the neutral colors I own. I like this shade of indigo - not sure if it is Atlantic. If yes, that is a gorgeous color - neutral yet can be quite a chamelon !
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  3. #3 Jun 29, 2016
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    I think it is - not sure, on the saks website it is just listed as "navy", but I like it better than the Pacific color I see on the BV website...

    Thanks for your input!
  4. I think you'll find, among our Teal/Canard owners, that Teal would be a more 'neutral' color for you - it goes with every single thing I can think of; the pros for this color are that it is a combination of colors (blue, green, yellow) and goes with all of those, plus gray and black, and would be a crazy pop with anything red, and even pink. The Indigo/Atlantic blue is pretty, but - it's got some purple in it, but otherwise is pretty static on the color wheel, and I think you'd find that you aren't wearing it as often.

    And: You've already got a darker blue bag - the lovely Chanel.

    Plus, as you've written, you 'love, love,love' the Teal - anything with three loves, you must listen to that intuition and go with your gut instinct.
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  5. Really? I'm so surprised, but I totally get your reasoning. Hopefully I will get some Teal/Canard and some indigo owners to chime in - thank you!
  6. Based on what you wrote, I'd say get the teal one. You "love, love love" it, and you might kick yourself later for choosing a different color just because it seems to be a safer choice. Also, you say that you're looking to add color to your bag collection. Why not choose the color that you love?

    It doesn't need to go with every single thing in your wardrobe, because you have other neutral bags in your collection, too. It's not like it's going to become your only bag. Plus, you may find that it will go with more than you think. Purple is "my" color, so as it turns out, I can wear my purple bags with pretty much anything, without thinking about it. It may be the same with you and teal.

    Good luck deciding!
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  7. I agree with our Blue Iris; your heart is singing Teal (or Canard if it's this season's teal), then go Teal. What colors do you tend to wear clothing wise? That's what I would look at more than what color bags you already have.
    In addition, in terms of wear, while both colors will show corner/edge wear over time, it might even less in the Canard because the shade is lighter and finish loss on the edges tends to be lighter.
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  8. My vote is for the indigo.. Its a beautifully saturated color & goes with everything (neutrals as well as
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  9. I love the canard. I use mine frequently. But I'm biased as I don't have an Atlantic bag to compare it to......
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  10. I vote for Canard. It's very versatile color.
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  11. I wear mostly neutrals- lots of grays, black. Thank you!
  12. The Atlantic has a definite purple tone to it IRL so be careful. I love, love, love this color in pics, but not in person.

    Personally, I buy what I like and do not necessarily coordinate my bag with my outfit. I don't feel like I really ever clash either. But that's just me.

    GL and do report back.
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  13. I agree with this, very much - I didn't realize it until I read it - thanks, B, for inadvertently reminding me that coordinating a bag with an outfit isn't a 'thing' anymore. I've found my Scarlett Cervo Hobo goes with anything and everything - I think it's all to do with 'how' and not 'what.' :love:
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  14. I have a Canard bag, and I could wear it with anything.
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  15. I choose the teal one because it's easy-breezy, cooling and calming like being near an ocean. And it's the color of the coral reefs so there you go. During the summer, it will be perfect with a crisp white shirt and blue jeans and during the winter, with gray cashmere and winter white snow :panic:
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