First Bolide coming...I blame all of you...

  1. I'm still fairly new here, but I've been reading this forum like a fiend in the past couple of months, and I blame all of you for my current state of H affliction.:nuts:

    Today, I bought my second H bag, my first bolide...turquoise chevre, from luxury zurich, and I'm already in a beatific state of anticipation. Why oh why did none of you ladies buy it??? After eyeing it for a good month, I finally succumbed today. After a good month of going to bed thinking "Blue Jean or Turquoise?" and waking up each morning WITH THE EXACT SAME THOUGHT, I said enough was enough.

    So, as I was saying, I blame all the ladies of this sub-forum for sharing their knowledge and their beautiful bags, and I blame all the ladies who ever waxed on about the color turquoise (which I have yet to see IRL for chrissake!!) and finally...special blame goes out to all the ladies who ever posted a pic of their bolide beauts in the "Ode to the Bolide" thread!!

    I can't tell you how glad I am that I stumbled across this forum. And now, stalking the mail begins!

  2. Wow...that's awesome.. I think the bolide is a gorgeous bag!! You'll have to post pics as soon as you get it
  3. Congratulations! and Blame HiHeels and the gang for this!!! :wlae: :wlae:
  4. oops somehow got double posted, mods could you delete the dupe thread? sorry...
  5. Thanks both of you...

    Fesdu...oh yes, I do...that whole bolide gang is a dangerous lot! LOL
  6. Congrats! You will love the bolide no doubt!! And the color is so pretty -
  7. oops! posted in the other thread.

    The turquoise bolide at LZ is TDF. Lucky, lucky you. I can't wait to see pics in action. It's so gorgeous.

  8. I really prefer the Turq to BJ as I feel its a better neutral! You will LOVE it! And your seller is beyond fantastic. Congrats!!!
  9. I covet that bag! It will be a WHILE before I can snag one of my own. I'll bask in your happiness!

  10. you will love turquoise chevre....I have some leather pieces...and its just so nice. so rich. so amazing...and nobody can do it better than hermes.
  11. ^^^I think I'm gonna love turquoise too!

    A-T-G, are those Tiffany's boxes in your avatar? I was actually wondering whether the turquoise is about the shade of Tiffany's boxes...probably a bit brighter?
  12. Congratulations!!! Yeah, you should blame it on HiHeels, I am sure it's all her fault.:p That's why I don't check that thread often, it's way too dangerous! :graucho:
  13. :yahoo: Congrats!!!!:yahoo:
  14. Congratulations! I'm a big fan of the bolide and the the color will be fantastic!
    Cant wait for your photo's!
  15. That's us: The Hermes Forum, Newcomers Cheerfully Enabled!

    I looked darn hard at the turquoise bolide, but decided on frivolous stuff like food and tuition for the college kids instead. CONGRATULATIONS!!!