First Birkin..what color and size should I get? Please help


Jul 30, 2008

I'm don't know if the SA is playing with my heart but she ask me to come in to the store and pick the color, leather and size that I want, and she will try to get it for me. All I told her I might want a black with silver phw, and she said I can get it within 7 it must be my lucky day?

Anyway I am 5'1, stay at home mom of two boys and would love to have my first birkin to carry all year..

Should I go for size 30 or 35?
Orange, Etoupe, or maybe Black?
Also I need to build relationship with my SA, what accessories should I buy from Hermes...?

As always thank you so much for so many fashion advice!:biggrin:


Jul 30, 2008
What's in your wardobe in term of colours and clothes? Mostly jeans or dresses? What do you usually carry with you?

Summer lots of colorful dresses - sometimes shorts and silk tanks.

Fall/Winter: more simple style tank tops with skinny jeans and pumps. Color mainly, black, white, grey..neutral color as compare to Spring and Summer

I hope I answer your question


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Jun 7, 2012
Hi i am also in the same boat. I have a lot of chanel and lv but am looking to buy my first hermes bags. First of all i want to ask is createur de luxe website reliable. If so can you please suggest what to buy. I am looking for a 32cm kelly and a 35cm birkin. I cant decide what leather to buy. I am not into exotic leathers so am looking for a hard wearing plain leather. Also what colours would you suggest. I am looking for bold colours as i have a lot of neutral bags already so a pop of colour is very much needed. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.


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Aug 29, 2006
MISSY-LV said:
Summer lots of colorful dresses - sometimes shorts and silk tanks.

Fall/Winter: more simple style tank tops with skinny jeans and pumps. Color mainly, black, white, grey..neutral color as compare to Spring and Summer

I hope I answer your question

Definitely not a black birkin, unless you plan to carry only in Winter.
I would go with gold, etoupe, orange, red, purple or blue.
A size 30 should be enough for your needs, although I suggest you to try both 30 and 35 at the store, because they really look different


Jul 27, 2008
my vote is for 30, and orange GHW! you wear a lot of neutrals already, and orange will add that pop of color without clashing! it's also a great summer color so i think will go with a lot of your spring/summer clothes. how exciting!!!!


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Jan 31, 2009
Based on your answers in this thread, my vote is for an 30 (unless you like the look of a tote, then you should consider 35 as well. 30 is more elegant and lady-like IMO) Orange or Etoupe Birkin for you. Or, if you like blue, maybe a blue like Blue de Prusse. Or a nice shade of red. Yes..I know...I am not much help here, am I :P?


Sep 30, 2008
Based on your height I would suggest a 30cm Birkin. It is plenty big to carry your essentials and easy to go from day to night. A 30cm is a little easier to carry in regards to weight and size. I would only suggest a 35cm if you like the look of an oversized bag or large tote. In regard to a color that can be carried year round based on your wardrobe I would suggest Gold, Orange, Indigo or Rouge Garance.
In regard to building a relationship with your SA, there are so many wonderful Hermes items to purchase. I would only purchase accessories that you love and will use. I love and use my Hermes scarves, shawls, pocket squares, twillies, belts, and CDC and KD bracelets. Good luck!!!


Jun 30, 2010
I would go for a 35 if you are going to be carrying a bunch of things. That is a good size for that. Eutope is nice because it is a color that can be used all year as casual and dressed up. Black is a good option but I think eutope is the best neutral to go with a wardrobe. As far as what to buy to build a relationship...the twillies and kelly bracelets are really nice. JMO.
Etoupe 30 or 35, depending on how much you intend to carry, and if you are comfortable with the weight of a 35. I find the black a staple color but more suitable for winter, and orange is not as versatile, although the pop of color is amazing!


Sep 17, 2008
Doesn't seem like you carry a lot of stuff normally so I would suggest a birkin 30. I'm 5'4" and about 120 ibs - I have 2 b35 that I rarely carry. I have learned that i prefer the look of a b30 to my height and built. For a b35, I find it too big and once you put stuff in it the bag gets heavy pretty quickly. I also have two kids so I try to be as minimal as possible. I use my b30s almost daily.
In terms of color, it's really a matter of personal taste. When I first started collecting Bs, I started out with neutrals. For the past year though I've really gotten into pop colors. My clothing tends to be neutral so I wanted my bags to pop more. For neutral, I would say etoupe or etain. For pop colors, I would say red or orange. I find both of these colors to be incredibly versatile.
In terms of leather, you are safest to go with Togo or Clemence. Both are quite durable. Go with Clemence if you like the look of a slouchy bag. My favorite is actually swift as it's extremely light weight. But I know others steer clear of it cause it's not as tough as other skins and think that it scratches easily. But I have honestly not have any problems.


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May 17, 2009
you're in Toronto? Funny enough isn't it in another thread the folks in Canada were complaining a bit how difficult it is to get a birkin from the stores even despite the higher prices and the relationships they've built.

regardless, if the offer from your SA is genuine even if you have not yet built a strong relationship with her, 7 months is not a long wait. Good luck.