First birkin... turquoise?

  1. I have been trying to decide on what I want my first birkin to be. At first I was thinking it would be my first and only but now I find myself so obsessed....even dreaming about these bags. I doubt it will be my only. I know that Blue Jean is a really popular color because it is pretty much advertised as the bag that will go with all your jeans. However I am leaning towards a 30 cm Turquoise birkin in Chevre Mysore with PH. I think that skin really brings out the color the best but I wanted to know if turquoise is supposed to be like Blue Jean where it will go with all your jeans as well. Even though this won't be my first Birkin, I would like to have something that will match a lot of my outfits. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  2. I have a turquoise bolide in chevre and the color, IMO goes with everything. It is such an amazing color that I subsequently purchased a Bearn and matching keycase in the same leather/color! It really pops with dark colors like navy and brown or dark green. Certainly you can wear it with jeans:smile:
  3. ladydior, The turquoise (as well as all the other H colors) is so pretty! I do like the neutral colors, but for a Birkin, I love the hues that make an outfit pop. Good luck with whatever color you decide. :smile:
  4. I love turquoise in chevre --- just bought Agenda in that leather/color and everytime I see it, I smile. An absolutely lovely shade and I think it would go quite well with jeans and many outfits. A great pop of color.
  5. I think turquoise in Chevre is very pretty too. The colour just pops!

    This is archangel's 30cm Turquoise Mysore birkin and 30cm BJ Togo birkin.

  6. I love Turquoise particularly because the stitching is not white (as in Blue Jean) making it look dressier to my eye. Yet it goes with most everything I can think of. It would certainly be a beautiful first Birkin.
  7. I personally am a BJ bag owner (and loving it), but would probably pick the chevre, turquoise if I had to make a choice.
  8. Dear Ms. LD815:

    GO FOR IT!!! When I see Ms. A's 2 blue bags, the hue of Turquoise, it just POP and dominant my eyes!!!

    Let us know how it turns out so we may share your JOY!!!
  9. Turquoise is gorgeous in Chevre! Are you leaning toward gold or Palladium HW? I think turquoise/gold is stunning.
  10. Thank you, Queenie for posting archangel's photo. Just what is needed for visual comparision.

    I love turquoise mysore in a birkin :tup: And it MUST be with Palladium hardware.