First Birkin: San Fran Or NYC...please help!

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  1. Please help me take the plunge...I realize since I live in the Northwest I must travel to San Francisco or New York after hopefully getting the call about a Birkin. I have spoken with an SA from each of those locations..and the SF one said maybe around Xmas. I'm not picky....I told them and I really meant it....any color in 40cm, Togo or Clemance with SP hardware. If any of you could kindly PM me any info that could help me get a Birkin and which SA you have used at either of those 2 locations I would be so grateful. Thank you in advance.
  2. If the SF SA seems willing to get you one.. go with him/her.
  3. You stand a better chance in NYC. SF, is jokingly referred to on here as the store-that-has-nothing. The catch is a 40cm would be easy for you to get, but they pop up only once in a while.
  4. Can you keep your options open with both stores?
  5. ^^Uhm, Rose, I have been in both stores. SF really does have nothing.
  6. lol! OK, NYC it is!!
  7. A slightly off topic question HG, the travel Birkins (that they usually have at least one of at NYC) , they are 50 cm?
  8. ^^^Comes in 2 sizes, 45 and 50 cm. I see more of the 50's though.
  9. poor SF! I wonder if they know they're the store that has nothing?
  10. Thanks HG :heart:
  11. yep go with NYC. That said in SF I actually saw a 40cm black Birkin on the floor once...for about 1/2 an hour and poof it was gone. So you never know...
  12. :crybaby:It's kinda true....been there, and it's a lovely store with nada....zilch....nothing???:nogood: Will try again...and Look, cross your fingers, and pray with me:p
  13. Thank you for your responses. The SA in SF gave me the name of a SA in NYC so I called and left a message saying that the SFSA referred him to me......have not heard back. So should I call him again or wait since I left the message late Friday?
  14. Ahhh...CB...I remember that one! Yep...poof!!!
  15. I thought the 45 was discontinued a while back?