First Birkin! HELP!

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  1. So I've tried and I've tried to get the Birkin off my brain, but it just doesn't seem to be happening. I've seen a black Birkin with PHW and I'm in love. It's beautiful. However, I'm not sure I can justify it because I have a black Chanel GST with shw. Are they too similar? I love the GST too. Should I keep the GST and get the black Birkin? Should I sell the GST and get the Birkin? or Should I keep the GST and try to find a Birkin in Gold or Etoupe?

    Also, I'm about 5'1 and 110 lbs. I'm dying for a 35 cm, but is that a mistake? Should I stick with a 30cm due to my size?
  2. They are totally different bags! They are not alike at all. There is a whole thread about 30 vs 35 B. I'd give up my GSt chanel to get a Birkin in a heartbeat. Good luck deciding and lest us what you decide!
  3. Get the Birkin you won't regret it! Completely different bags keep both! A black Birkin is a true classic you won't regret it! If you can get your hands on one go for it!!!!
  4. If I was your size I would go with the 30cm. The 35cm is nice, but heavy. I am 5'7 and the 30cm looks small on me, but I may get one someday. I would definitely get the Birkin and sell the GST.
  5. Completely totally absolutely bigggggg difference
    Nothing comes close to it in terms of appearance and function
    Like both
    Buy both and have both
    Black gold or etoupe all great for beginner b
    As for size you have to try them out
    Depending on your need and purpose
  6. they are different bags. isn't the gst a shoulder bag? proportion wise i don't think 35 is too big, but as others have said, can get heavy because you have the space to stuff it (it is, after all, an all-leather handbag).. probably best not to buy sight unseen if you've never held one irl... or not used to handcarrying or carrying bags on your forearm..i am also only 5'1", 122 lbs and i have a B35... but if you want a B, and you have the means to get it...the happy dilemma is indeed 30 vs 35
  7. Get black b, it's a beauty and will last forever
  8. I have a black GST with SHW and agree it is a fantastic bag, I love mine, however, it cannot be compared to a B35 really, very different bags. Perhaps you could consider a B35 with GHW which is a very classic combination and would give you a bit of difference to your GST combo if that would assist your decision making. If you do decide on the B you have seen with PHW I'm sure you will love it and not regret your decision.
  9. Absolutely get a black birkin !!! I have chanel classic flap and boy in black. But its all different design and can use for different occasions & purposes.
    So i would keep both if fund isnt matter.

    After owning few birkin,im regretting i did turn down on 1st offered birkin, b30 gold phw as i thought it looks so small & doesnt have "wow" look.
    So i chose 35, after all i bought more b30, recently sold b35 as i dont use it often enough. ( too heavy for me)

    Please ask your SA to let you try 35 or 30 if there are samples, or even try with garden party 30&36 to give you an idea :smile: hope this helps 😀
  10. I'd give up a GST for a Birkin in a nanosecond, but if you can keep both, do. They are not similar except both being totes.

    Lots of threads on this, but I am 5'1" and 95 pounds and I carry a 35B no problem. I actually don't find it heavy and in black the bag looks smaller.
  11. If you can, keep both. If you can only get one then get the birkin. After 10 years I still love the birkins. However when I look at the Chanels I've collected in 10 years, I find myself now thinking why did I get that one and that one? I think my only answer is that my tastes have changed regarding Chanels but the birkin is forever.
  12. +100%
  13. Get the Birkin! As for size you should try them on, it's personal preference. I prefer the 30s and I'm 5'6".

    I agree with carabelli888 about Chanels. I feel the same way. Sold most, kept a few special ones.

    Good Luck!
  14. I agree with everyone--completely different bags. Also, GST is purely a shoulder tote while with B I prefer the crook of the arm.

    I'm also very petite and, to be honest, the 35 looks like a travel bag on me. I vote for 30 for sure!
  15. Totally different bags. Keep the Chanel GST since you still love it and get the Birkin too [emoji1]
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