First Birkin - HELP -

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  1. hello everyone,

    need your highly valued advice please.
    It looks like I'm getting very close to my first Birkin & although I've always loved this bag, I'm not ready for the big decision....(since buying it myself would be a million years away, I was not prepared for this life changing decision to happen that quickly...getting it as a gift YAYYY)

    My favourite has always been the gold / camel colour with gold hardware....but I never realised in how many shades & leathers it comes. (which one is best / nicest. what are the differences?) Also, I'm not 100% sure of the perfect size for me.... really want an everyday bag & I carry loads of stuff usually.

    Please let me know what you think
  2. I think the gold colour with the gold hardware is a wonderful choice for a first Birkin. It's a timeless classic that goes with everything.
    A nice leather for this bag is togo or also clemence.

    The size depends also on your height/body shape. If you carry around loads of stuff you might enjoy a size 35.

  3. Habibti,

    Congratulations on getting closer to your dream bag. Gold is very versatile and I think you've made the right choice getting this as your first birkin.

    Do a little search on this forum and you get tons of valuable information about 30cm vs 35cm, Togo vs Clemence, Gold vs Black, Gold Hardware vs Palladium hardware etc. Also take a look at the "Hermes in Action" thread where you get to see tPFers model their bags.

    It took me a long time before I decide what colour and leather I want. But it's worth it. So have fun!
  4. My 1st birkin was a 35cm, gold togo with gold hardware. It is still my favorite bag.
  5. yes, do all the research and think it though before deciding on your very first birkin. for me, my mind changed all the time with color and leather but i kept always coming back to the same color/leather. so after time, i knew which one was right for me.
  6. Good luck - gold is beautiful.
  7. what a great first birkin! i'm also planning on making the jump, slowly but surely ;)
    the 30cm gold clemence w/ gold hardware is on my list. i'm 5' 98 lbs though, the 35cm will look overpowering on me. so it depends on your build and how much do you carry.
  8. Welcome to the forum, and congratulations on your first steps to getting that birkin! This is so exciting- make sure you ask lots of questions so you know you are getting the exact bag you want! So happy for you!
  9. Hi Habibti,

    My first (and only) Birkin is a color called Naturel, which is gold w/gold hardware in Vache Liegée leather. It was my dream Birkin, and VERY versatile. You can't go wrong with this color.

    Congratulations and I hope you get your dream Birkin, too :heart:
  10. gold is a beautiful color to start your collection..goodluck!!