First Birkin EVER. Please help me decide!


Which First Birkin

  1. 30 birkin in white

  2. 30 birkin in etoupe

  3. Some other color altogether!

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  1. I've drooling over this forum for the longest time. I have decided to get a 30 cm birkin for easy daily use (to carry wallet/ cellphone, a novel, coin and makeup purse, sunglasses) What is troubling me is what color. Now I'm working free-lance so much of my wardrobe is casual. I also enjoy wearing jeans and trousers much more than skirts.

    The two colors I'm contemplating on are white and eToupe. I love how crisp white is, but worry that it'll get dirty very quickly. And with the eToupe, I worry about it being TOO muted of a color.

    What do you think? All advice welcome. Thanks!
  2. Etoupe or Gris T is a must-have .... it's a versatile colour. The new black.
  3. Agree with MrsS... Gris Tourterelle is like Etoupe mixed with white... so a mixture of both your choices.... in a way.
  4. I LOVE white birkins but i think for your first....get etoupe.
  5. What freelance work do you do? Are you an artist or a consultant?
  6. I started with black birkin, now have gold on the way. I think white is risky for a carry-a -lot bag. Would go for something versatile
  7. Etoupe or gold are versatile starter colours IMO.
  8. Of the two colors you asked about, Etoupe Clemence without a doubt. It's a versatile color that goes with everything and Clemence is tough like iron! The other color I would highly recommend for an everyday bag that goes with everything would be Gold. For the area you live you will use this bag every day of your life in either color!!!!
  9. I'd go for etoupe!
  10. B/W the two color choices, etoupe all the way. You should also consider Gold which is very versatile.
  11. white! it is high maintenance but who cares if it looks good !
  12. Etoupe swift! I have one and love it – the swift leather makes etoupe less muted.
  13. Etoupe for defo. I think white will be a bit nightmarish especially if you plan to carry it as an everyday tote as its high maintenance! 30 cm is also a great choice for a first Birkin!
  14. I like white, but I do like Gris too! But that was not an option.......
    White is just so virginal for a first bag :upsidedown:
  15. white!