First birkin color: black/very dark brown/ebene, blue jean, or orange?

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  1. Hi I was wondering what color would you go for, for your first birkin?
    1. Black/very dark brown/ebene.
    2. Blue jean.
    3. Orange.

    I love all three colors, but does blue jean and orange get dirty easily? If so, can H spa remove the dirt?

  2. Black classic would go with everything in yr wardrobe, plus wont show much wear and dirt...
  3. Hear hear! My first & only black birkin goes with anything & travelled with me everwhere - it is a very tough bag & withstand abuse but still look great!
  4. Except white color, I think other colors do not get dirt easily due to the nature of the leathers. None of my B get dirty even I almost use them everyday for years.
  5. I wouldn't worry about the dirt factor. Which will go with your wardrobe, climate, activities, etc.? My SD said black is your first or last birkin, typically. Go with what makes you smile.
  6. Black :love:
  7. ^Once again, I think all SDs/SMs/SAs share the common script. Either you buy black as your first or last. I'm still curious who is the Hermes director who gave out these scripts.:P

    Based on your options, I will choose black. Unless if you are very sure on which specific bright color you have in mind, a black B will be a good first choice. You should only buy a bright color if you are 100% sure that this is it. Because it's your first and even if you may add another one later in future, you'd still want to take some time to think before buying another and enjoy the 1st as much as you can forever.:smile:

    Within black itself, there are variety of leathers to choose from. There isn't a specific first birkin color. It's all up to personal preference.
  8. Thanks for the answers everyone. It's refreshing to hear that it does not get dirty easily. I am still deciding for next year.

    What's SD/SM/SA?

    I want a black b30 though that's why I'm thinking if I should get another color for the JPG which the JPG/shoulder birkin will be my first b.
  9. Store Director, Store Manager and Sales Associate.:smile:

    For a SB II/JPG, I will choose anything but black. Orange SB II is pretty. JPG is discontinued at this moment. Unless if you go for the reseller option, you may still find JPGs.
  10. Thanks! That helps even more. :smile: I am going for reseller route as it costs less. So you think the shoulder birkin looks better in other colors except black?

  11. To me, yes. Being east-west shape, it's nicer in other colors to define and show the shape and silhouette. I've seen Black JPGs and they do nothing for me.
  12. Thank you for your opinion. Really helps! :flowers:
  13. My first birkin was blue jean :smile: it did not get dirty at all!
  14. That's great to hear! And I'm glad. I love the blue jean color.
  15. If it were me, I would choose etoupe.