First Big Prada!

  1. So this spring I was lusting over a gorgeous white Prada hobo, but by the time I'd saved up enough to actually buy it, it was out of stores. I've never been a huge Prada fan...I got one of the little nylon bags in HS but haven't really looked at the brand again until this Spring.

    So this baby was on sale at Saks (although still almost $900) so I went for it! Managed to get 10% off and free shipping as well :biggrin:

    Do any of you ladies have this bag? I haven't tried it on or seen it worn, so I'm hoping for the best when it arrives. Also hoping that the white isn't going to be too impossible to keep clean- any tips on that?
  2. I saw this on sale there !LOL!.Its a fab bag...I dont think havin a white bag will be an issue.Id just be careful .....Prada bags are VERY WELL MADE..if anything transfers on it..U should be able to wipe it off right away!
    Congrats on a great buy!Its an adorable bag!
  3. Love this!!!! Great summer bag!! Congrats!!
  4. It's a great bag - congrats!!:tup:
  5. What a nice bag and a smokin' deal as far as Prada goes! I wasn't into Prada until just recently and now I'm hooked. The quality is amazing and that's really what sold me.
  6. I've lusted after that bag both in the white and the caramel color all summer. Obviously I approve! ;)
  7. It's a great bag. I love the simplicity of the shape which means it's not going to date. Congrats on your buy.
  8. Hi Kate -- It's a great bag and a very good price -- I had gotten one from Bluefly about a month ago -- it had a minute mark on it so I sent it back, but even with all the special discounts, the bag was still almost $1000 so you did well. It's a very classic bag in person -- hope you like it.
  9. I just went to Saks today. They had the same bag on sale too. It's even more gorg IRL!
  10. nice!
  11. i like the style, and i :heart: it in white! please model it for us when you get it :smile:
  12. It's supposed to come tomorrow! I'd love to take some modeling pics....but my camera for some reason won't hook up to my computer :sad: Had the tech guys at work trying for an hour to get them to synch up with no luck. If I can ever get it to work, I'll post pics!
  13. Gorgeous bag!!