first "big" LV bag speedy 30 or neverfull pm in mono

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speedy 30 or neverfull pm for an everyday bag

  1. neverfull

  2. speedy

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  1. i need recommendations and pros and cons what do people think about each:tup: :confused1:
  2. speedy 30..the nevefull is a very casual tote and the speedy is just a classic!
  3. speedy! to me the NF PM is just too small.
  4. Speedy!

    They are both classic pieces, but everybody needs a Speedy. lol.
  5. Speedy 30 is a nice bag, nice roomy size, a handbag. The Neverfull PM isn't a 'Big' bag, I saw one loaded up the otherday, it just didn't look right to me. Check out the MM, to me is a more useful size.
    They are different so you should have one of each!
    Good Luck!
  6. Speedy! I had a Neverfull but sent it back......just didn't do it for me. As a first bag, Speedy is always a great choice!!!!!
  7. Speedy vote here... it's a great first and much more functional than the Neverfull.
  8. just got my first LV, speedy 30 and LOVE it. can't say yay or nay on NF but can def say YAY on speedy
  9. Speedy... I have 5 and I love them all
  10. NF PM. People here have said that it carries about as much as a Speedy 30. Plus, you'll have your hands free. Also, many admit to trying the bag in the reverse style and liking that as well. Nothing is more functional than that.
  11. Voted for speedy too because it's a classic. good luck.
  12. voted for speedy cuz NF PM is too small
  13. I have both but ,I prefer neverfull mm or gm... neverfull is easy to use for an everyday bag. (shoulder bag:smile:)... but between speedy 30 and neverfull pm I prefer speedy... pm is so small..
  14. NF MM is a better choice for a everday bag.
    The PM is very very small, I tried it on and it looked very tiny...

    Go and try both out and you will know which one you like :smile:
    I luv the NF, and is now going to get a speedy ^^

    like lots of tPf'ers, a speedy is a must for all LV lovers :smile:
  15. I absolutely agree! You will love the Speedy until it falls apart - I don't think you would love the Neverfull that much!
    Regina :smile: