First BIG boutique purchase!

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  1. Yay! Today I went to SCP LV to get my first big bag purchase! I've had other LV purses, but they were used, which is fine, but we all know the experience of buying from the store is the best!

    I got the Damier Speedy 30. Thanks dad!!(Early Christmas present) I'll only bore you with one picture since I know you've all seen it 86 times this week ;)

    This week my framboise agenda also came from a lovely PF member. It's soo beautiful. I turned it into a wallet :love:


    I Put a Hello Kitty ornament on her just for fun :P


    The long wallet, my grandma gave me, it's probably from the early 90s, but holding up great! I don't use it though..


    Then my whole collection. :yahoo:
  2. Beautiful Speedy - I'll never get tired of seeing a Damier Speedy! And I love your Agenda, its so pretty. Congrats!!!!!!!!
  3. You will look sooo hott when you pull out your PT out of your new Damier Speedy... ;)
  4. Congrats!!! love your speedy and frambroise agenda. You have awesome collection..thanks for sharing..
  5. Love you bag collection!!

    BTW, congrats!!!! ;)
  6. i can never get sick of seeing pics of any LV bag... congrats on the big purchases. your collection is wonderful!
  7. Yeah!! It's beautiful!! CONGRATS!!
  8. congrats!!!
  9. Congrats! The framboise looks so stunning with the damier! Love it!
  10. Thanks guys!!
    The SA that helped me pretended not to know what I was talking about when I was testing the inside lining for bleeding..Or maybe she didn't and i just look crazy now
  11. Congrats! Love it!

  12. LOL :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I can picture you molested the lining..yes..if she didn't know anything about damier speedy lining issues, she must thinks that you have some issues ..seriously :roflmfao: don't worry we got you..
  13. Congratulations for ur new purchase and love ur collection
  14. Beautiful speedy, congrats! And I adore your collection, gorgeous pieces!
  15. Awesome bag! It looks wonderful nestled among your other bags & accessories. :smile: Congrats.