First Bbag!


Jan 14, 2006
OK guys!

i know I'm new to this forum, but I've been SAVING for a bbag for almost 8 months! money always gets funneled into more purposeful pursuits when you're in college... Anyhow- so the story goes...

I was having a bad day today, it was raining like mad, got caught in torrential rain on the highway, then as soon as I got out of the rain I was immediately in traffic that did not end and my car was making squeeky noises for some reason (probably the belts got wet? :weird: )! Also, I finally deposited my birthday money into the bank (had it in my wallet for a week), so I was feeling that loss too... the loss of losing that wad of cash out of my secret "stash" compartment :P

Then I was waiting for parking at the parking lot and a girl walked by with a white city. Fake one of course, but still, it made me remember my lack of a bbag... so after I got parking, I checked my eBay watch list at the library and in the time it took for me to go from home to school (2 hours!!!!) a bbag I wanted rose by 300 dollars, and out of my budget. So halfway through my class (its a studio, its not THAT important that I be in class all the time... haha justification) I decided to leave and go peruse the local designer consignment shops. The first had no bbags, the second a superfake rose classique for $1100! ridiculous. and the third store had mysteriously disappeared in the span of a few months.

So I left- drove in the rain, during rush hour traffic on the way back home. But my offramp exit was at a standstill, so I took the next exit, which also is home to a lovely outlet mall with offSaks, Barneys and Calvin Klein. Decided to stop in- get off the rainy roads... and picked up an EMERALD GREEN Laptop bag! OK I know it isn't a motorcycle city, and I am sooo surprised that I love this bag! Its sooooo amazingly soft! i fell in love instantly! it must be lamb... my viv westwood boots are soft like this, squishy and pliable and freaking amazing! :love: its not like the motorcycle bag emerald green either! its not crackly or veiny or stiff but thin, it is SOFT and almost so squishy it is puffy... and so pliable.

I'm not sure if I will keep it for long- I really want a grey or calcaire work/city/twiggy idealy, but I love how funky and modern it is! very subliminally chic. :lol:

maybe I will keep it...:amuse:

I should say that I'm so excited about my purchase! I've been saving forever and I'm really stoked to finally buy it! :smile:
pics as promised! :love:

The pics that show the bag to be darker, more forest green, are more accurate. the others I had to use the flash, its pretty dark out this week, lots of rain. the pics inside didn't come out at all, so i had to take it outside. do forgive the flora and fauna of my overgrown backyard!

I like more and more as I get used to it! :shame: :nuts: