First BBag

Feb 28, 2007
the islands
The City is not that much bigger than the First. I was soo nervous when I ordered my City, but was shocked when I recieved her that she was not nearly as big as I expected. I'd say it's more of a "medium" sized bag as opposed to large or small. Most of the time I put in my City what I have in my First & IMO the City [as well as the First] look better when they aren't crammed full :yes: If I put too much in my First it looks stuffed.. so althoug I *can* fit alot in her, I prefer not to stuff her up b/c I think bbags fall/slouch better when they aren't full.

Hope that all makes sense.. :shame:


<3 H
May 24, 2007
^how about the city and the part time? Are they totally different? Or the city and the work? I'm such a noob. I want something thats a decent size, maybe at least as large as a speedy 30. I want this to be somewhat of an everyday bag. I'm tired of changing bags 2-3x a day lol.


I live for bags.
Jun 12, 2006
SF Bay Area
I think I'm definitely looking at the city! This is a dumb question but what is the main difference between the Work and the City? I couldnt find comparison pics anywhere.
The Work is bigger, but the main difference is that the City has a shoulder strap and Work does not.