First BBag

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  1. Thinking about getting my first Balenciaga bag:nuts:. I'm thinking either a City, Part-Time, or box. What is the major difference between those bags? What colors are hot this season? I'm a total noob so ANY advice would be appreciated. Pics too if you're feeling generous. Thanks in advance:smile:
  2. Hi Berlyn,

    The box is discontinued, so they are not that easy to find.. I would say it depends on what you want to bag to 'do for you'... Tjeck out Incoralblues guides for size comparisons etc... And also watch the threads on documenting colors, to find the colors you love...
    Good luck finding yourself you first BBAG :yahoo: I wish it was me... It is such a rush... But then again... It still is...
  3. Thanks for the advice! What do you think is the nicest color that came out this season/year? I'll probably end up getting something I can still get at a boutique.
  4. Hi again - Oh when it comes to colors it's so individual what you love the most... see the best blog on the subject:

    And for the coming season:

    And go to the retailers to see the bags irl if possible... Remember to post pics when you get one :yes:
  5. ooo did they already re-release the magenta like the note at the bottom says? I love that color. Other than that, the plomb or anthracite wouldnt be bad. I am in need of a darker color bag, I've been stuck on bright colors lately.
  6. Yup, the Magenta is sold in a limited stock this fall.. Only from BalNy.. Magenta is fab!!! But Anthracite should be lovely too!! Good Luck
  7. I would def get a city :yes:
  8. city, it's the perfect starter bbag......
  9. I think I'm definitely looking at the city! This is a dumb question but what is the main difference between the Work and the City? I couldnt find comparison pics anywhere.
  10. Hi there! Bbag newbie here too! I just got my first bbag and after much deliberation, went with an anthra city. I decided on the City b/c I wanted a big, but not huge bag and one with a shoulder strap as well as handles. I decided on anthra b/c it was dark w/o being black (for whatever reason, I'm having an anti-black issue with bags these days), and since I don't have the finances for a huge collection of bbags, I wanted something that would be somewhat timeless, yet still have some color. I also loved the fact that it's very "chameleon-esque" - mine actually looks much more midnight blue than dark grey most of the time, but can also appear almost black, greenish or teal in different lighting.

    I'm such a noob that I can't really answer your question about work v. city other than that I know the work is larger. ateliernaff definitely would have the dimensions and everything though.

    If you're lucky enough to live in a city that has boutiques w/bbags, definitely go see and try them on IRL!

    Good luck!
  11. Thanks for the advice! And congrats on the AnthraCity! I live in Hawaii, we have Aloha Rag here but they haven't gotten in any of the stock yet so I can't go to sample them.

    I am leaning toward a City as well. I love big bags but I'm not sure I want my first Balenciaga to be that big. I saw the dimensions, but I kind of want to see them compared side by side so I know how they compare style wise and such. Hopefully I hear something from AR soon, I really want one!
  12. yup indeed :tup:
  13. Berlyn - I ordered my anthra city from AR last month and they still had some, so if you're looking for the colors that were already released this year, they should still have some of those (obviously, if you're waiting for the f/w releases, those won't be in for a little bit). I loved my experience w/AR and that was online! I can only imagine how great they are in person!
  14. I wish i had a city as my first but i was too impatient and got a first because it was the best color. But now i love my first!
  15. They are pretty awesome in person as well, despite there being a bit of a language barrier with some of the SA's lol. I haven't been there in a while, maybe today is the day I go there again. I just thought they didnt have any because their online inventory doesnt show it. But thanks for letting me know!:heart: I love the anthracite color!