First BBag - Which color??

  1. I've been lurking around this forum for a little while now and I think I may finally be convinced to buy a new City bag (is that a good 'first' size, or should I be also considering a First or a Work?) . What does everyone think about colors? I was thinking of getting one of these: Black, Ink, Bordeaux or Grey. I want a bag that I can wear pretty much every day, both to work and on the weekends). What does everyone think is the prettiest and most versatile?
  2. Black City. IMO it goes everywhere, does everything, goes with everything... shows the lines of the bag off best and highlights all the best qualitites that balenciaga has to offer, leather, hardware, slouch and supreme sexiness
  3. I like all those colors. There was/is a really nice grey city on ebay now. It is the pre-fall grey so it is darker than the current grey. There was a black city too, but I think it sold. There apparently are bordeaux firsts at Bal NY and I would jump on that if you go for a first. And ink is great too. Guess I haven't helped at all. I think you can't go wrong with any of those colors.
  4. I love my black first BUT I am a first girl. Hehe. But I think alot of girls here will recommend the city, which is a great size. It holds tons of stuff and it looks great!!
  5. yeah!!~~ink city~!!
  6. I think Ink or black goes with everything. You can get black any season so I would get Ink.
  7. Far be it for me to pass up a chance to post pics of my grey and you go, hope this helps your decision...
    grey.jpg bord.jpg
  8. i'm going to say INK or BLACK - totally love these colours!
  9. ink or black for everyday.....
  10. or did you consider chocolate is awesome...
  11. I would get ink first and foremost! It's such a unique color that I think it'll be a very long time before it gets reproduced! My second choice would be Bordeaux, then either grey or black.
  12. YAY for INK!!! It's a really cool color - looks different in different lighting - sometimes deep blue, sometimes black, sometimes a deep blue-purple!! It is so cool! And I agree with might not come back for a while so get it while you can!!:yes:

    Ink Cities are really hard to find in stores, but you can try NM or Barney's, or even BalNY but I think I saw in another thread that they're out. I have a list from Aloha Rag and they don't have them anymore. As of last night, there were 2 authentic ones on eBay.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide!!!
  13. I think Ink would be a great everyday color, and also Caramel. But you can't go wrong with basic black, as well! :flowers:
  14. Thanks ladies!! I think I'm leaning more toward the black or ink now...and probably more the ink for the reasons you all indicated (even though black is the basic, it will be easier to get later). Someone said that there was an authentic ink on Ebay right now. Do you remember which seller it was? I'm a little skeptical about buying something on Ebay without knowing for sure it's authentic.
  15. :yes:
    OMG, Irishgal, I WANT THAT BORDEAUX :yes: :shocked: :yes: :shocked::yes: