First bbag truffle just arrived!!! SHoulder strap or no shoulder strap?

  1. The most scrumptious truffle city just arrived from NM!!!! I am in love. This is my first bbag (recovering from LV) and it is so smooshy and original. I love that it doesn't scream a monogram or say "I have lots of money, not you" These bags are just a wonderful way to express yourself through fashion. The collecting part is wonderful. I can't wait for my french blue to get here. My question is what do you do with the shoulder strap? Take it off? Keep it on? Help!! I'll post pics as soon as my camera gets done charging. Thank you all!!:yahoo:
  2. Keep it on -- that shoulder strap makes the bag look more nicer -- it's a part of the bag.
    Take the strap off makes the bag look incomplete -- IMO
  3. Congrats, Shasta! I'd love to see those pics... Mmmm...truffle....
  4. Agree...keep it on. Even if you aren't using it it looks fab just hanging there with the tassels. Congrats!!! Great color by the way!! Can't wait to see pics!!! :yes:
  5. Congrats on a great style and color. Definitely leave the strap on, that 's one of the things that are so great about the city. You can wear it: 1) using shoulder strap over shoulder; 2) handles over shoulder (depending on your size and thickness of jacket); 3) in bend of arm; and 4) hand held. Have fun trying all of these.:yes:
  6. I have the city in Truffle! I love it! Congrats on your great first choice!
  7. congrats on your first bbag! i leave the strap on. it's part of the bbag's charm and personality...and comes in handy when you need it!

    can't wait to see pics!
  8. Congratulations on your first Bbag! I totally agree with you about the understated quality of these bags. I can quietly enjoy them without felling like I am advertising that I spent a lot of money on it. Plus, they are just so much more fun to hold and squish and pet than a Hermes or an LV.
  9. congratulations!!! this will NOT be your last balenciaga, i can guarantee! ;P
    and do what you like with the strap, leave it on or take it off and store away. i like to leave mine on, even though i rarely carry it by the shoulder strap. i like the look of it, and they do come in handy when you're carrying a lot of groceries into the house.
  10. congrats!

    i would leave the strap on.
  11. keep the strap on !
  12. Congrats on ya first Bbag! In truffle no less!!

    Should def keep the strap on, cos it just completes the look kwim? :p
  13. CONGRATS! I love truffle! ENJOY your first but it will not be your last!:graucho:
  14. Congrats on the new truffle! Do post pics!

    And I agree with the others... leave the strap on or hide it in the bag if you can't stand it dangling. You never know when you might need to hang it off your shoulder (plus the strap is VERY useful when hanging off chairs in restaurants!)
  15. Another vote for leave it on. :yes: