First Bbag purchase: Work, Weekender, Courier, or Day? Black or Rouge Vif?

  1. Hi Gurls~ :smile:

    I'm looking to purchase my first bbag and wanted to ask for some help~~:rolleyes:

    1. can the courier be worn as a shoulder (hobo) bag? i love big bags and find that the day is a bit narrow, and the size of the courier size huge & amazing~ but has never seen the courier IRL~ :wlae:

    if anyone of you owns a courier, can you post a pic of you carrying your courier on your shoulder? and other ways it can be worn?:idea:

    2. i think i want to get a black bbag and a rouge vif bbag, but dunno which one to get first... the styles i like are Work, Weekender, Day, or Courier? :yes:

    thanks in advance,

    LMV :love:
  2. hi! good luck on your 1st b bag purchase :P

    1. i don't have a courier or a day, but you can check some of the pics of us wearing various b bags style in this thread :

    2. black will always come in every season, not as rouge vif. about which one to get first, it depends on your taste and style.
    i personally will go for a weekender from above all yoour choice :P
  3. THanks~
    do you use your weekender daily? or will it be more like a travel bag?

    i'm contemplating on
    1. Rouge Vif Work
    2. Rouge Vif Courier
    3. Black... but dunno what style

    i dunno if i should buy from Aloha Rag or off ebay...coz ebay seems to have great deals...
  4. >Rouge Vif WORK:heart::heart::heart:

    I love big bags and that would be my absolute dream combination..
    Good luck on ur first bal purchase:yes::flowers:
  5. ...the rouge vif work sounds great!
    Black day?
    I don't know the courrier well enough sorry.
  6. Yes~ the courier can be used as a shoulder/hobo bag! I have it and that's how I use it! It's the best!!!!!! I don't have a pic of me wearing it but I will try and take one later.
  7. Rouge vif!
  8. rouge vif work! i've seen pfers' rv works in pics, and they are gorgeous! i personally like the work style the best amongst the ones you are choosing from!
  9. zacorey:

    can you please take a picture of yourself wearing your courier as a hobo? thanks so:huh:OOooo MucHHH
    looking forward to your picture! :love:
  10. hehe, i think i'm gonna take the plunge and get the Rouge Vif Work from Aloha Rag~~ I"m so excited~~ thanks girls!!! =)
  11. :flowers: Welcome to the world of Balenciaga!
    I'd go for Rouge Vif Work - you'll always be able to buy black!
  12. Here's a picture (my camera is on it's way out)~
  13. :yahoo:- that bag is breathtaking! I can see why you love it!
  14. ^^^Thanks mania!!!! The picture is so off though! Maybe I'll try and get a better pic of the color. OT~ I just called BAlNY and they have no Lilac Works!!! I'm so sad!:sad: I want a lilac work so bad!
  15. Rouge Vif Work !!!