First bbag pompon

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  1. Hello. I just purchased my first bbag pompon in the black at Barneys.
    I love the bag because it is so roomy and the leather is so soft. Only problem..... I noticed that the drawstring gets loose at times. Any thoughts on how I can keep it tightly closed without it becoming loose. Also, is it hard to keep it clean since the tag said that the leather is NOT pre- treated. Thanks for your help!

  2. When you say get loose, you mean the ties let go?? If that is the case and this is not from a bal, but My Epi noe is vintage so the ties hold rather well. Perhaps it is a breaking in thing. I do not have one any thoughts guys???
  3. i have a pom but can't help. i don't tighten the drawstring. i leave it loose. maybe it does need to be broken in?
  4. Many congrats on your first Bbag. Pics :flowers:
  5. If you tie it twice it will not come loose. A pain - I know.
  6. I usually leave it loose, it forms nicely to the side of your body if you wear it like a messenger.
  7. Thanks for your responses. Any thoughts on if we need to get the leather treated?
  8. for some reason, i don't have this issue. for my pom pom, it does stay closed.
  9. pic?
  10. congrats! I want the pom just not sure on the length as I am short

  11. Hello. I am too short...5'3". When I wear it as a messenger style, it falls just below my hip, a little long but it hugs your body nicely. The handle is great because it can be hand held or over the shoulders. A very versatile bag!
  12. i'm 5'4 and i love my pom! any pics yet?