First Bbag Picked up from USPS Today and True Confessions

  1. WARNING: Long post, many questions.

    First... yesterday I got the "sorry we missed you, please stop by the USPS with this signed slip to get your package" note in the mail, so today I drove over to the post office and signed for my package. My heart was POUNDING, and I opened up the box to uncover her as soon as I got to my car. My FIRST Bbag!! She's a Twiggy, in the pale olive color they call amande or origan. Just lovely, and so lightweight -- like a cloud! How can a bag this light be sturdy and strong enough to use everyday?

    Now, here comes the TRUE CONFESSIONS... I am a bag whore.:supacool: I own COACH bags and D&B bags and Hayden-Harnett bags (and wallets, accessories, etc.) Last Spring when I bought my LV Looping, I swore it would be my "forever" purse. I outfitted it with a big ziparound LV wallet and a cosmetic pouch to match. But then in the summer, I wanted something with a brighter, sunnier color, so I bought a poppy red Hayden-Harnett Hobo. Loved that bag so much, I decided that when they had a sale or something, I'd nab one for the winter months. I went back to my LV for a few weeks in the fall. And then came the H-H Sammple Sale! Perfect. I snatched up a Havana Luxe in a rich, chocolate-y brown, accessorizing that one with a gold H-H cosmetics pouch and a choco brown H-H wallet.H-H Sample Sale. At this point, my friends who knew how much I'd spent on the previous COACHes and the LV were beginning to raise their eyebrows at me.

    Fast forward to mid-December. Out and about, I notice an acquaintance of mine carrying the most delicious chocolatey brown purse. Upon questioning, she reveals that it is a Paddington Chloe, which she bought on eBay. Her story is that while she thought she was buying real, and although it is an excellent copy, it unfortunately is a fake. She's still happy. I go home with a challenge in my head: to go online and discover authentic Chloe's on eBay. Which, of course, leads me to The Purse Forum, and to a very reputable eBay seller, and in fairly short order, to the purchase of a Chloe Paddington in Jeans Moyen (the blue jeans-y color.)

    The bag comes, it is awesome. Probably, in person, I would have chosen a different color, but the deal is done and the seller is 100% and so I begin carrying this bag. Which turns out to weigh a friggin' ton. (Honestly, it hurts my arm sometimes.) And it is a little difficult getting all of my stuff into it.

    Of course, while I am perusing this seller's offerings, and wandering through tPF, I discover BALENCIAGA! Oh my. Beautiful and lightweight, too? Which brings me to unwrapping my most recent ebay purchase in the car this morning.:shame:

    All of the stuff that I have to SHOVE into the Chloe fits nicely into the Twiggy, and it doesn't break my arm. But, how can I possibly start carrying another million-dollar (okay, not that much, but we're not talking cab fare either) bag around?
  2. A VERY enjoyable post....Once you get a BBag, there's no going back to your others. At least that's how I feel. I have a whole shelf in my closet full of bags that I will probably never use again because I LOVE my black city sooo much. It's perfect! I also have a bordeaux first that hasn't been out of her sleeper since my black city came along.
  3. Welcome to the Balenciaga addiction!
    Great story, I love hearing how we all stumbled into this Balenciaga obsession! I too found my way onto PF through the Chloe thread...I was fixated on owning a Chloe Paddington and ended up purchasing 3 in different colours, but then like you I started to feel the weight of them and I started favouring my first BBag which was my much loved teal hobo...then once all the mouth watering colours and styles started flooding the Balenciaga thread I knew I was hooked and had to have more!! Now there is no other bag which hooks me in like Balenciaga, one or a dozen is never enough!

    Congrats on your Twiggy! Make sure you post some pics for us to drool over!:drool:
  4. AMEN! I have Gucci, LV, too! Welcome to the club & be prepared to spend your million :graucho: (OK, so not that much) :p
  5. I am so happy that you all are enjoying my long post and my dilemma! (At least I have company.)

    But, a serious sort of questions remains... how can leather this lightweight really be strong and sturdy? I'm honestly SCARED to use this bag!
  6. Oh, and one more thing. Pictures! (hope it works)
  7. I got my 05 black city at the end of November, I have used it everyday and there is not one nick or scratch on it. And I'm not that careful with it, either. I figured if I was going to spend 1K on a bag I was gonna carry it! I have quite a bit of stuff in my bag, don't be afraid, they are tougher than they look.
  8. it's super light weight, that's one of the advantages of these bags. Of course, it holds a LOT!!!...

    can't wait to see some PICTURES!!
  9. welcome! isn't your first Bbag so much fun! i remember those days before i had been sucked into the cult...i mean, the club. no be ready, because this origan twiggy is the first of many, whether you like it or not!
  10. :yahoo: Congrats beth!!!!!:yahoo: What a great read!!! You will love your Balenciaga bag more then any other bags you own!!! I'm so happy for you!:heart:
  11. Again? (Trying a different way... and loving ALL of the responses, thank you thank you thank you!!:yes: )

    Grrr... still not right.
  12. Hi beth and welcome to the Balenciaga thread! I adore my balenciaga bags because they are so lightweight and a joy to use as much as they are a joy to pet and look at.
    Anyway, I have two kids and throw the world into my day bags. I used to own a Mac mini and when I went to work, I'd throw that in one of my day bags along with all of its cords, too. The more rumpled and smooshed and used they get, the better they look. Water and food wipe right off of them - I once dumped a whipped cream tart face down onto my rouge red twiggy and it cleaned up without a mark.

    I don't know how they are able to hold up so well, they just do. Maybe its witchcraft....
  13. a whipped creme tart lol.

    An origan to begin with! Wow that color will surely hook you! Welcome to the club - your story sounds very familiar. Ain't life GRAND???
  14. Congrats on your first Bbag!

    And no, you are not alone - your journey sounds a lot like my COACH --> Kooba --> LV --> Chloe --> Balenciaga --> Hayden-Harnett --> LV progression! That's the cool thing about bags - they don't mind when you cheat on them with other designers. They just sit and wait patiently in their dustbags until you are ready to play with them again.

    Please don't worry about using your Bbags. I actually tripped and tossed my beloved Eggplant First down some concrete steps a little while ago. This bag has the softest, most delicate-feeling leather on the planet, so I was really worried about damage, but she's perfectly fine. She got a scratch on one of the studs, but is otherwise the same as ever. Don't beat your Bbags up intentionally of course (unless it's in self-defense!), but they really do stand up well. Enjoy!
  15. sell the others... buy more balenciaga...