First bbag - Desperately need some advice!!

  1. Hi guys, I live in Melbourne so it's very rare that I come across a Balenciaga bag in real life. But there is currently a silver coloured first in a consignment store in Melbourne which I have my eye on. I'm thinking of getting it but I was wondering what you thought of the colour.. too much of a novelty?? Initially I was planning on waiting around for the perfect classic black on eBay but my mum has reservations about eBay... and seeing as she is the one funding this bbag purchase... well you can see I have VERRRY limited options. So do you think it's a wise buy if I get the silver one or am I being reckless?? I do like the colour. Here is a picture from the stores website: MIO TESORO.
    Sorry for the long post!! I'm just looking for some much needed help from people who are much more knowledgeable than me! Thanks!!
  2. I think that it depends on whether or not you like metallics. I personally don't :heart: metallics, so I would get a classic black. Could you order one from the states and have it shipped? I know that Bal NY is fabulous about picking out a bag with the type of leather that you like and emailing pictures. Just a thought . . . I am sure that others will share their thoughts and opinions with you too!
  3. Thanks for your opinion iluvhandbags! I was thinking about Bal NY but I'm going to have to be very careful because I had a bad experience with Alexander McQueen NY. I got them to ship over a skull scarf in the baby blue/cream combination after seeing a picture of it on the net... turns out when it came I didn't like the scarf as much in real life as I did on the net... so that's also another reason why I don't know if my mum would be too thrilled about me ordering one from NY.
  4. Another plus of the silver one is that, being second hand, it's cheaper than a new one.. well it's actually a very big plus lol
  5. I say go for it! I think that silver is different, which I like and metallics are very IN right now. And getting it at a bargain is even better.
  6. Thanks crred! I think I might actually... I mean, there's always time for a black bbag but you don't come across silver everyday and I think it would be a great colour to go from day to night... and metallics are in.. ooh I'm so tempted
  7. It really depends on how you feel about it. If you really like the way it looks, get it. If your'e not sure, don't. Usually when I'm not totally sure if I like something or not I end up disliking it.:idea:
  8. I like it, but will it fit your everyday lifestyle?
  9. Mm I know what you mean Magenta.. impulse buys that I don't totally love always end up in the dark corners of my wardrobe... but luckily for me they haven't been as pricey as a bbag. So I think I might have to put more thought into it. I like it too, south-of-france, and I see what you mean about working it into my everyday lifestyle.. Winter's coming up and I've got a ton of plain black and grey pieces.. do you think the silver might be too loud for day time wear??
  10. I believe for every day you are better off w/black, etc. Silver is more evening and/or special occasion.
  11. Argh!! i've gone from loving it to hating it, to liking it, to absolute and utter confusion. I guess silver is more of an evening colour. Maybe I'll w ait around for the right black one on eBay. I mean, black is timeless. Metallic is hot... for now... but I'm thinking in about 5 months I'll be wanting a black one more than ever and feeling totally guilty about making my mum buy me a silver bag and not wearing it as often as she'd like. Looks like I'm going to have to push the pros of ebay to her and wait for a black one. thanks to everyone for all your opinions!!!
  12. I do agree that metallic is IN this season, but if it's your first bbag...I would recommend you to buy a brand NEW one. How much is the silver bbag & how is the condition of it? Silver is harder to come by, but keep in mind that the color will eventually get rub off. If you are going to use it as an everyday bag, get the black one! :yes: Good luck with your choice & let us know what you pick. :graucho:
  13. my first b bags is red metallic, i LOVE it at that moment, but i figure i can't use it everyday, and it's more delicate than regular b bags. u need to take care more because of the shiny metallic thing.
    in the end, i sold that red when i already got couple more b bags :p
  14. For everyday use definitely black.
  15. it's very pretty, but personnally I don't feel that the silver is timeless and you may get sick of it. A good staple and first bbag colour might be black, ink, greige, a brown... even marine. Different types of neutrals.

    But if it's LOVE you feel for it, GO FOR IT!